Corpus Christi sequence


I have just completed editing the Corpus Christ Sequence, “Laud O Sion” in both square notation and modern. Stil some repairs are needed.
I edit it every year: sometimes trying to preserve the hymn structure and other times grouping notes to maintain the word’s accents. This is a happy medium. Verse 15 has the greatest modification from the original. Someone posted this on youtube using an earlier version. This should be sung briskly, at a good clip.


The above link does not show the square notes, but they are on thei file? here it is again


Another translation, beginning “Sing forth”, is used in the 1981 Lectionary approved for Australia and New Zealand (Volume 1, pages 601 - 602). It is by James Ambrose Dominic Aylward OP (1813 -1872) and was published in Annus Sanctus in 1884, pages 194-196. It is at .


I have made a recording of this “Sing Forth” Corpus Christi Sequence, which is used in Australia, at .




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