Corpus Christi's only abortion clinic will close

Corpus Christi’s sole abortion provider has decided to retire, according to the head nurse at the local clinic.

Dr. Eduardo Aquino, an abortion doctor and certified obstetrician/gynecologist, stopped offering abortions Friday at Coastal Birth Control Center, 1901 Morgan Ave., said Sarah Guerrero, the clinic’s head nurse.

Guerrero said the clinic is only offering sonograms and is in the process of closing its doors.

I pray that someday soon, all abortion clinics world-wide will close forever.:highprayer:

Good. Then crush the building and build a Catholic church or giant monument over it.

Cover the spot with holy water to remove any demons and then circle it with sacred salt and THEN build a church. Remove the devil’s influence first.

It would be great if they stayed open and offered (only) sonograms. Let mothers see the beautiful little child inside them!

Good to see these barbarians have been driven away

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