Correct response to slander, libel, defamation

I know Jesus said the slandered are blessed, but He also corrected people who put Him down and lied about Him. I have a question about how to handle slander.
Years ago, when I was a teenager, a mentally disturbed man asked me out and I said no. He started screaming at me that I was a snob and an elitist. I was eating out of garbage cans and hearing this.:rolleyes: I avoided him and went home to a room I was rnting. That night he talked to some of my friends. To avoid him, I went home again. I awoke soon and saw him standing in my room staring at me in a freaked-out fashion. I screamed at him to get out and he eventually did.
Meanwhile, a girl I had had a run-in with in a playgound when I was about twelve (she thought my sis and I were tying to keep her off the slide but we weren’t, we were inviting hr to join us in a game), started scowling at me in school and accusing me of “making fun of people” for being “poorer” than I was. That was as absurd as anything could ever be, because I was poor most of my life and I always sided with pooe people against rich people. Years later, I was in my twenties and had a drunken conversation in a bar after a very traumatic few years in my life and my boyfriend and I were kidding around tastelessly about stupid things. We didn’t know what we were saying. That’s one reason I don’t drink anymore. I don’t like being a moron. Two men in the next booth listened in.
Then these four met and began harassing me together. At frist I didn’t know they were serious. I ignored them. But over the years, they became more and more obsessed. I live where there are a very disproportionally high percentage of mentally ill people and drug abusers and we’re all pretty used to them and don’t let it scare us. But these people wouldn’t go away.
I tried confronting them, living in a way that disproved their absurd and sick accusations, and laughing it off. They broke into my hime and looked through my privat epapers and bragged about it. They gathered other people with no judgment about them and hung out in all the neighborhood hangouts and the corner store screaming ridiculous and sickening accusations at me. One by one, the large group they formed broke up. At least one seems to have committed suicide, I believe. One turned on the others when it finally sank in that they were using him. But damage was done. I can’t do as much good in my community because of this. I have trouble forgiving them though i know they’re mentally impaired. And I’m outraged that things like that happen around here all the time. If I could get them locked up they couldn’t do this to any other innocent people. I’ve lived it all down. But not everyone they attacked ever will. They are dangerous. How far is it OK to go to do soemthing about these impaired people? And is it OK to confront them forcefully? And what consttitutes forgiveness inthis situation? And is it OK that the society where I am is structured to let people do such things to people?

I guess it might clarify the situation if I mention that I’m not the only person they’ve attacked and slandered, but they particularly focused on me toward the end (if it is actually over) because I angrily and snidely confronted them in public several times. One actually threatened my life verbally, and soon after that another charged at me pretending he was going to choke me. I smiled at him. I knew he wouldn’t kill anyone in the parking lot of a restaurant in broad daylight. The reason I didn’t contact the police is that I live in an area where there has been a lot of police abuse and people who call the police are often not trusted in the community even by basically law-abiding citizens. But if it started now, I probably would call anyway.
But would that be right? To bring violence into a situation where obviously they’re just really mentally ill?:shrug:

Am I posting this in the right place? I was hoping for a moral discussion/ perspective. I know a few people this kind of thing is still happening to, or was recently, and I was hoping for some sort of perspectives that would help us all sort things out ethically. Thank you.

Simply let it all slide. If what others say is true then it should be accepted as such. If it is lies then they can’t harm you.

Go the legal route. They broke into your house/apartment. Since they were bragging about it, you can probably gather the necessary witnesses and such. Hopefully they will get the help they need.

I would like to suggest that you do your very best to completely ignore these people. It sounds like they keep at you because you react; your reaction feeds their need. Stop. Do not respond, do not take their bait. Pretend the aren’t there. This way, their needs will no longer be met and they should go elsewhere. I know this can be very difficult to do, especially if they are lying. Do it anyway. Anything else and they will keep returning because you provide the payoff they are looking for. :frowning:

I thought so at first, but it didn’t work. It’s also not good enough for me that they pick on someone else, because they also targeted a single mother with a toddler, her mother, a couple of really nice, helpful, gentle guy friends of mine, stayed away from my then-boyfriend probably out of fear he’d pound them flat, but targeted one of my girl friends who was a helpful person who wants to save the world. I don’t want any of these other people hurt either.
I’m considering following Spirithound’s suggestion. I’ll have to figure out who heard what. Soon I may have time to do that. It wouldn’t take long.

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