Correcting brother and sister

Well since i been today on conffesion i learned alot now what i didnt know for example i learned that we have to correct brother whu example argue around us like name calling or brother and sister whu gossip around us of course i do know that we need to look at our plank of eye yet i am a bit confused here what s best way to react can you help me please i show example

To not confuse what i meant i add this

Whu i am talking about is freinds or family to not misunderstand

Lets say two people argue in your presence and when we do nothing i learned that we commit sin because we didnt react

either we did laugh at it,praise it,making joke about it and approved it all that i learned is dangerous for our spiritual life aka faith

Many times i feelt that i was suposted to correct yet here s the problem when there s brutal name calling argue should i yell to stop the argument polite way telling bother afther all its for their good afther i remove my plank of eye of course conffes my sin then i can tell that its sin if there is sin with care and respect of course showing catechism if it needs

Part 2

In gossiping this can be big problem i am not shure how to correct that between two people we know and i do know i need to correct still of course for this to i learned we must do it and i fough this my self that s why because of my self i feel i have obligation to do it that it doesnt affect me even more because i learned just as above i said

Listening to gossip can be bad for my faith approving it laught at it what gossiper is saying to me and i did conffes this indeed now that s why i am asking all this to help me here

before i finish explaining i have an question

What s best approach here when above i said about argue or gossip should i go close to person whu s name calling each other and tell them polite way that its sin and not good of course again polite way to not be self righteous assertive way

i normaly explain that it offends our savior what s done so on i hope you will understand i am talking about i appreciate your time hope someone can give me tips this is very important to me because i want to learn things

What are your toughs

Please dont say its none of your bussniess because we are obligated by spirtual work of mercy to do that! church says so and the bible

Is it possible you misunderstood something? To step in and correct other people is only inviting trouble for yourself. If you don’t know the people who are arguing, stepping in would be inappropriate.

If someone is trying to include you in gossip, then you can either leave, change the subject, or tell the other person you don’t feel comfortable talking about other people. You can’t actually stop someone from gossiping. You can’t change someone else’s behavior.

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I agree.

Frankly, the OP is suggesting he involves himself in something that’s none of his business.

Are you willing to check this link thank you

Thank you may our lord bless you

Dear freind Eah Fanciochta well i belive that i learned alot from my church discipline and about the misunderstanding nope not actually even so about what i was talking was about people we know like freinds or family of course we wont go at every stranger whu argue or gossip around us i am aware yet thank you for explanation i appreciate it my freind may our lord bless you!

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