Correcting confession mistake

About 2 months ago, I went to confession with something that is maybe sin. However, I panicked in confessional and said it was mortal sin, even though I wasn’t sure it was sin at all. I realised my mistake immediatelly, but I failed to tell it to my confessor since I was afraid he was going to say or think I am minimasing my sin. I remember this and confessed it this week, after reading how serious telling false informations at confession is. I think I didn’t know about this before. I probably thought that only problem is in minimasing sin, or lying totally. However, I haven’t said that I realised that I have done wrong thing and still didn’t say anything. I forgot that detail. And priest even said “It’s OK, it happend accidentally” or something like that. I think I really forgot about it. What would be good way to solve my problems?

When we go to confession we confess our sins. We do not have to tell the priest which sins were mortal sins. If we know committed mortal sins, we say how many times we committed them. If we know that we are committing venial sins, we just say that (e.g.) “I was impatient with drivers on the road” or something like that. If we do not say enough for the priest to determine the seriousness, the priest will ask for more information.

If we commit a sin that we are not sure is mortal or not, just confess it. Most of us do not have a degree in moral theology! The priest will know. There have been times when I confessed things I was not sure were grave matter. In some cases the priest did not comment, in others, he said “there was no grave matter involved” or something similar.

All we need to do is confess the things we have done that we know, or are pretty sure are sinful. Thanks be to God for the Sacrament of Confession. Keep it simple and do not let it become a torment for you - it is meant to bring us the joy of being in the state of grace,

Have you found a priest yet to guide you in your scrupulosity? You really need one.


Many of us in all your threads have strongly advised you to do this but you seem to want advice on everything except that. Solve your problems by discussing it with your priest.

I told him confessor to whom I ussually go to confession that I sometimes panic about commiting a sin (I think that there is no word for scrupulosity in my language). So what? That doesn’t answer my question. Do I have to bring it up in next confession?

Many threads have been started by people to ask if something they’ve done “has to be confessed.” I try not to look at things this way. If I doubt whether or not something needs to be confessed, I bring it to confession anyway and ask the priest if there is any sin in what I’ve told him. This is how I learn what is a sin, and what isn’t.

The priest you confess to is in a much better position to answer your question than random strangers on the Internet. He is in the confessional or reconciliation room with you. None of us are. So I suggest you ask him. God bless! :slight_smile:

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