Correcting Previous Lies

Lets say you are talking to someone. They ask you a question. You nervously answer with a wrong answer only to correct yourself moments later.

Would such a scenario be a sin? I would guess it would be venial at most, but I could very well be wrong.


You are obsessed and need help!

Please, God does not want this for you. Call your Pastor, send an e-mail- DO SOMETHING!!!

Lies are ordinarily venial sins.

Misspeaking by accident and correcting oneself - is simply misspeaking and correcting oneself.

Thanks for the replies! I figured it wasn’t a sin. I just wanted to be sure because I am very confused about sin.

Yes, we know. Yet you refuse to call the one person who can help you.:mad:
Why is that?!

Dude…dude… I am starting to think you are like not even capable of a real sin so you are just trying to find ways to be more “human”.

Listen to these good people and get help!

I’m a little confused…what does the second part of your sentence mean?

In addition, I also think you should get help. While it’s tempting to get instant answers for these questions, the far better option is going and meeting with a priest. He could help you far better than we can, as he knows you in person.

You’re asking completely the wrong question.

You answered your own question in the scenario: you corrected the error as soon as you caught it. If you made a statistically significant error (something that actually changes the meaning of what you said) and you didn’t catch it until hours or days later, one might reasonably wonder how far out of your way you have to go to correct it. (Trust me when I say most people will neither notice nor care about small discrepancies.)

But your scenario is plain and simply ridiculous. That’s like asking if it’s a sin to trip and fall on your face, tripping someone else in the process. Obviously not.

Tripping someone on purpose could be a sin. Tripping absolutely anyone by accident could never be. The purposeful tripper may not consider malicious tripping to be a sin, and his belief doesn’t make it non-sin, but his intent to do the act itself is what makes it a sin.

Intent. Not intent to sin, but intent to perform an action, which, because of said intent, is a sin.

No intent to trip means no intent to act means ZERO POSSIBILITY OF SIN.

Doing absolutely anything involuntarily is by definition … Not… A … Sin.

Additionally, the very title of your thread violates the definition of a lie, which is an ** intentionally* false statement.*

Someone who is dead wrong is not lying if they believe what they say to be true.

That was pretty helpful. Thanks for that info! :slight_smile:

To be a sin, it must be deliberate. Be at peace- accidentally saying the wrong thing is not a sin.

Well, it wasn’t completely an accident. I told the lie out of fear.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say that 95% of all lies told by me are out of fear.

Just a note. I think he knows the answer to 99.9% of the questions he puts forth and is just trying to increase his post numbers. Many questions he could look up on the Internet, but it seems as if he wants to pull our chains. One of my weaknesses is that I have a short chain. Sorry, no more chain pulling after this post. Peace.:frowning:

Afraid of your mother???

Why would I care if I increase my post number? The numbers are meaningless. :shrug:

My reasons for these threads is because I have nowhere to turn in the immediate for faith questions. My sponsor lives hours away (a family member), and they are unfortunately not very religious to my knowledge. Nobody in my family is very religious besides me. My parents have no religion whatsoever. :blush:

I’m afraid so. I’m always afraid of telling my mother things. To be honest, I don’t even know why. I am just afraid if I tell her stuff she’ll get mad at me. When I do tell her stuff, she doesn’t care. My fears are unfounded, so I am trying to break my habit of telling her lies. Thus, my corrections. :slight_smile:

Seriously, melodeonist, you have scrupulosity. You’ve been told this over and over. This board has long since become a crutch you run to when you have some irrational fear that some minor aspect of life is a mortal sin. I’ve said this before with charity and I will again: get help. Otherwise you’re not growing.

I will discuss scruples at the summer RCIA sessions. The next one is on the 29th. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to discuss scruples with your priest in the Confessional or by appointment before then? He can help you way more than we can. Is there any reason why you put it off while continuing to make these kinds of threads? Not trying to be critical, I’m just really curious.

To be quite honest, I’m not sure why I keep putting it off. I guess the best way to put it would be fear of some unknown kind. :shrug:

It is saying that someone who is “perfect” and can’t grasp their lack of failing since everyone around them is failing all the time they invent ways to fail to feel “normal”

Like a person who loses a loved one and thinks they did not feel as bad as they should so they later grieve and cry about not grieving and crying.

The sentence however was said in a more tongue in cheek way since it is doubtable statistically that he is “perfect” but on the other hand maybe?

Was the second paragraph for me or him?

Him. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

@Melodeonist: Whatever your reasoning is, you’d best get it done with. Talking to a priest is the best thing you can do, as he knows you better than we do and can better give you advice.

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