Cosmetic surgeons say it's obvious some of our elected officials are getting plastic surgery during lockdown

I understand that.They are opinions hosts who deliver current and events .However it seems that’s becoming the norm within the journalistic community as well. Used to be newscasters’ delivered an unbiased view of current events,not anymore.So one is up front with their delivery,while the other is still operating under the guise of journalistic integrity.We know that is no longer the case.

Ohh no doubt.They are all elites. I get that.I also get that on both sides of the political spectrum these individuals are playing to their viewing base.

The great ones like Walter Cronkite and Peter Jennings have passed on, sadly.

I’ll take your word for it,not interested in niggling about this,it was amusing at best

Agree… those days are long gone

Without all of the details as to who or when, how can you claim he is doing this to Democrats?
Why not Republicans…or teamsters…or Baptists?

Perhaps, but a broad claim is a meaningless one.
This does not qualify as gossip.

Because he said “Democratic politicians”.
He did not say Republicans, teamsters, or Baptists.
Have you listened to the clip?

I agree that Carlson’s piece is meaningless. But that did not stop people from attaching meaning to it.

Of course it does.
Have you listened to the clip?

This minutiae reporting goes both ways…think Don Lemon et all
So ,maybe focus on something else rather than argue ad nauseaum about this triviality

If it is true that Lemon does the same sort of things, we can be glad that we are not treated to clips from him over and over again on this forum.

Good grief!:roll_eyes:

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