Cosmological argument vs free will

Can someone point me to a philosophically strict argument for the compatibility/cooperation between free will and the cosmological arguments…I like to reason that being made in “image of god” (god= unpaused causer) has an aspect of free-will involved (human will = less caused Than something like animal determinism)…but I get stuck that human will is still caused - inherently - as it is caused by the Uncaused causer…typed fast - will be back.

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God caused me to have free will to choose A, B or C.

God does not force me to choose A, B or C.

It’s like a waiter who gives you a menu. The fact that the waiter has offered you menu choices doesn’t mean the waiter is going to order for you.

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I don’t see a conflict between free will and the cosmological argument at all. Where do they rub against one another?

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