So for Halloween, I really wanted to dress up as La Muerte from Book of Life.
She’s technically a goddess, and in the movie she has a strong affiliation with the afterlife (the very non-Catholic afterlife). I don’t know whether or not this would be problematic and I definitely want to know for sure before I start in on making the dress

My two cents is that halloween is for fun and dressing up as mystical creatures. I think as long as youre not wearing the super “sexy” costumes with the short skirts and low cut tops, or sonething actually aganist the church (like the silly looking Jesus costumes they sell) it should be ok. If you are concerned though, ask your prist as he could answer better than me :slight_smile:

Is this a costume you would be pleased to be associated with, or something you would want to hide from others?

If you would be pleased to encounter family, friends, your pastor, your professor, your boss, etc. while wearing the costume, it’s probably a good thing. If you would be embarrassed or ashamed to encounter the same people, then you should probably find another costume.

^. This is the answer… Once again I am spared the effort of doing my own typing.


I don’t think it would be. If it’s ok to dress as Batman or Superman just because you like the character, then it’s cool to dress as La Muerte just because you like the character. I actually enjoyed that film; it’s very cute!

Many dress as Thor (Norse god of thunder?) and no one complains :stuck_out_tongue:

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