Cost of Annulment in S. California


Hi everyone, the title pretty much sums it all up. I’m just trying to find the range that Southern Californians would have to pay for an annulment. I would also like to ask for some prayers, for I am planning on talking to my mom about getting an annulment. May I find the words to say and the courage to go through with it. Thanks and God Bless.


I no longer live in SoCal, but my family does, and I just happen to be visiting this week.

I was just talking with my cousin about the possibility of her getting a decree of nullity a couple days ago. She asked about the process and about the cost. Here is the advice I gave her:

Call your local parish and make an appointment to talk with a priest or deacon.

There will be no charge for that. :smiley:

Of course you can talk with your family about beginning the process, and it can be such a good thing to have their support. I can understand wanting to have your “ducks in a row” – and therefore asking us for answers – especially if your mom would be helping you with the cost.

But you really need to start this process with the Church and her representatives. A priest or deacon can tell you the costs involved, as well as the actual steps in the process, including when costs are incurred. Then you will have official information to share, and not just speculation from internet strangers who may or may not know anything at all about your question.

God bless you, dear one! I will definitely keep you in my prayers.


there is no charge for annulments now.
the only costs would be for certified copies requested from the county like marriage certificate and divorce documents.


That does not appear to be accurate for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Basic fee for cases submitted: $500, including a non-refundable $100 filing fee. You may pay the entire $500 fee now or make a $100 initial payment. The balance of $400 is due and payable upon the completion of the case. This obligation may be met on an installment basis, in amounts suitable to the Petitioner. Please make check payable to Archdiocese of Los Angeles-Tribunal.
N.B.: Inability to meet these expenses is never a cause for refusing to accept and process a petition. Should you anticipate difficulties in this regard, please have your parish priest contact this office.
If the Tribunal judge determines in the court proceeding that a psychological evaluation of a party is necessary, an additional $300 fee may be required.”

Nor is it true for the Diocese of Orange.

“A NON-REFUNDABLE filing fee of $200.00. I have explained that a second payment of $250.00 will become due when and if the case is prepared for adjudication, and that a final payment of $250.00 will become due when the case is concluded.”

The** Diocese of San Diego **has waived “fees” but there still may be a cost:

The Tribunal does not charge any fees for the process. Once the case has been completed, the Tribunal welcomes any donation you would like to make to assist with its expenses in processing the case.
However, in certain cases the judge may deem it necessary to require the services of a psychological expert to assist in clarifying issues that may arise. The Tribunal expects you to provide payment for the services of the expert, which can range from $350 to $500.”

1 of 3 Tribunal_Practices_and_Policies.pdf

Similarly, the Diocese of San Bernardino has indeed waived the fees.

“In the past, a fee was charged for annulments in order to cover a small portion of the costs - paperwork, postage, and personnel hours, to name a few. However, as Bishop Gerald Barnes notes in his letter, there is no longer a fee for any annulment in the Diocese of San Bernardino.”

I’m pretty sure that covers what most people would consider “Southern California”.


It is up to the Diocese to determine the fee, and my Bishop has dropped the fee after Pope Francis made his remarks about streamlining the process and possibly dropping the fees. I don’t know how many or which Dioceses dropped the fees.

They were not overly expensive to begin with here, and this Diocese has always subsidized the fees for those unable to pay.


I thought the charge was dropped everywhere. I thought that is what the Pope wanted. I feel sorry for those who still have to pay.


It is indeed the Pope’s desire but he said he wished the fees to be dropped in those diocese where it is possible. In some places the costs of running the tribunal are simply to great at this time to drop the fees until the diocese can find alternative funding sources.


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