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Several months ago, after completing the forms seeking a decree of nulity, I was asked for $800, then another $600. Yesterday, I received a $500 request (ostensibly for an accelerated timeline). I am friendly with the Deacon and have been told that, in my case, the decree is more of a formality, that “should be rubber stamped”, as I haven’t seen or heard from my wife in many years (mental illness), though I continue to be very friendly with her family (who also have not heard from her in quite some time - she lives in their beach house, but is very reclusive).

How much have others paid for a deveee of nullity?


Mine was just $300


that is going to depend on the diocese. But in all cases, the fees should be presented up front along with guidelines for the sliding scale based on ability to pay. I suggest you request a full accounting and fee schedule before giving further fees.


They do not require the process to be free of charge (dioceses need to pay the people who work on these cases, and in some cases that means paying a fee to partially cover the costs), but the procedural norms attached to the documents do call for the costs to be minimized (see Art. 7 §2).”


I answered another thread of yours, months ago.
I looked up the other thread that concerned your marriage…if you’re still the sole support of four children, you probably should get some kind of a discount…you have paid so much, already! Please, look into this further, before just handing them hundreds of dollars. You do have your chidrens’ futures to consider. And, your own. I know this can’t be easy for you.
God Bless!


Definitely still supporting children on my own (with the help of a good nanny so that I can go to work!). The fees should help to move it along. It’s been so many years since we’ve heard from her. This process should facilitate healing.


I’m glad that you’re going through the procedure, at least. It should give you closure. But, it does seem quite expensive! I was thinking that maybe either you or your wife may have gotten an inheritance, something that might help pay, and that’s why you have to pay so much. But, you do have to pay the nanny, or someone to watch your kids while you work…and, it’s not anything suspicious, as you were living apart from your wife for many years, it seems before you even considered annulment. You should try for any kind of ‘reduced fees’ that may be available to you. Either way, hope you have a minimum of problems in this, and God Bless!


I paid $200, my husband paid nothing for his in a neighboring, yet larger, diocese.


Hubby paid $900 but I think there is no fee now in our diocese. (Hubby’s was done 7 years ago so 2 decisions were required.)

This is not a money spinner. Consider these stats (from the tribunal):
-220 cases per year
-about 180 declarations of nullity
-$150 filing fee, $750 balance paid later (not applicable in all situations)

Just to have a nice round number, let’s say they may $20k a year. There are 7 people working in that office: 3 judges, 2 case instructors, a defender of the bond, and an administrative assistant. They’re making less than $3k a year per person from nullity fees, while putting nothing aside for overhead costs. Keep in mind also that over half the nullity fee ($500) per case had to go to the court of second instance. So they weren’t making much.

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