Cost of U.S. Campaign Against ISIS Is Roughly $1 Billion


The cost of the American military campaign against ISIS likely has passed $1 billion.

The Pentagon estimated that the U.S. air operation cost $7.5 million per day when surveillance flights began over Iraq on June 16. That estimate increased to $10 million when bombing began Aug. 8.

That alone would put the estimated cost at $937 million. On the first night of the strikes in Syria, the United States also fired 47 Tomahawk missiles, which cost more than $1 million each, higher for more advanced models.

$10 million a day, me lads, and very hard work /
And never a pleasant look from a gruffy looking Turk. :sad_yes:


I wonder how much ISIS have spent.


Well most of their dosh comes from Saudis who get their money from selling us oil …

This isnt going to end up costing less than $10b and what for?


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