Costa Rica


I think God wants me to go for reasons I ought not post publicly. I'm not sure yet. This occurred to me about 10 minutes ago so obviously I have not had time for sufficient prayer/reflection/discernment.

I figure it's Latin America so I should be able to find a Catholic church pretty easily.

In the US, it's pretty easy to find a Catholic church, but you got to watch out for some "Catholic" churches. From what I understand, there is a Polish kind of "Catholic" church that you're not supposed to go to, and I think you're not supposed to go to SSPX church, either. I don't know exactly what the rules are, but I usually like to check up on churches before I attend.

Are there weird quasi-Catholic churches I should look out for in Costa Rica? I don't really know anything about the country. I know there was some funny "liberation theology" in Latin America, but I don't really know anything about it or if I should still double-check on churches before I attend (and what to look out for).

Also please pray for me!


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