COTT and kneeling in the OF - it can be done

I’ve been receiving on the tongue daily since coming into the Church at Easter Vigil and I’ve been wanting to receive while kneeling. So, I asked our rector. He said, “I think you’ll create a tripping hazard in the line, nobody expects it, so I’d prefer you go to the end of the line. I think it’s great if you want to do this and you will find it a most reverent and humbling experience.”

So I gave it a try this morning. “Reverent and humbling” is an understatement. It was overwhelming.

Try it.

What better posture to approach the Creator of the universe when he asks you to join Him in communion?

awesome :thumbsup:

you approached it with full faith and humility, you’re a model Catholic


This is great! The rector was pastoral, practical, and reverent! He didn’t say that you were bing a hassle or divisive. He didn’t berate you. He asked you to receive last so as to not impede others in receiving. I wish we had more Priests like this!

Sounds to me like many of us would like to see the Alter rail back in our Churches.
Great for kneeling on pad, and using the rail to help everyone get up if they should need to steady themselves.
I miss it.

Our Church has a community of Senior Citizens nearby. Many have arthritis, or knee and hip replacements so they can’t put much weight on knees. They need to be able to stand.

I do it too, and I totally agree. The difference is overwhelming. I really believe that the Holy Spirit is gently nudging us towards tradition (both myself and friend I just met have the same exact story about how we were moved to receive kneeling… for example).

I’m sure that later in this thread people will have some angry things to say. Well, when the truth is told, you will always hit a nerve :wink:

I didn’t suggest that receiving kneeling be mandatory, and certainly there will always be elderly or disabled folks who cannot kneel and must stand. Some day, I also hope to be elderly.:stuck_out_tongue:

I think that if enough people want to receive kneeling, a strategically placed kneeler would be great.

I’m going to continue receiving kneeling at daily Mass and see how many people follow my example. I got some interested looks today. :wink:

both myself and friend I just met have the same exact story about how we were moved to receive kneeling… for example

care to share? I wonder if my story is the same? :eek:

don’t we all?
i actually feel bad if some of the elderly and disabled are expected to queue up as well. i’m glad some parishes reserve the first two pews for them and sometimes one of the EMHCs would approach them for communion. this should be done in all parishes IMHO

i think the Church should place accessibility for everyone for all the allowed practices

This was an interesting thread in the respect that in the last 6 months or so, I find myself being nudged to a greater reverence towards the Eucharist. It’s taken me a bit of gumption to start taking Communion on the tongue at my home parish, and when I visited the National Basilica last week I made sure to cover my head. Quite the case of goosebumps when I walked into that place!

It just struck me a few months ago how the kneeling during the Liturgy of the Eucharist had been ‘edited’, as a returning Catholic I’d forgotten all about it until I saw a fellow churchgoer kneeling for almost the whole Mass.

On a tangent, if we want to do the ‘old-school’ kneeling for the L/E, when should we start? The Eucharist is what has kept me Catholic in the face of all the scandals and problems within the Church, a lot of anger is floating around the Diocese recently due to church closings- mine just barely made the cut. But as Catholics we can say Jesus is with us there at Church, 24/7, in Person; and I can’t just turn my back on that.

Sure :stuck_out_tongue: We both only a year ago really got closer to God, her with a retreat and me with a much needed confession. As time progressed we developed a real love and devotion to the Eucharist. Then we saw people kneeling to receive (her at a Mass, me on EWTN) and it struck us as perfect and beautiful - that they were unafraid and humble, not attracting attention to themselves, and it was the perfect expression of our spirituality and devotion. Slowly God pushed us to do this, and it go to the point that we couldn’t bear it any more (we struggled between wanting to, and then not wanting to be showy). So we both tried it out at a daily Mass and were just blown away! As planned, we had just wanted to try it out, and perhaps return to doing it the old way, but God scrapped our plans and now we receive the way He wants us to :heaven:

Btw we just met less than a week ago (we became friends over witnessing an awful and hellish liturgical abuse, and an equally irreverent Mass - we wrote to the archbishop too!!!) and we have the same story for almost all of our spiritual life, with the exception of her going to a peaceful OF and me at the EF (I made her swear that she’d check one out though!)

Also worth mentioning is that I knew little of, and she knew nothing of, the TLM or the tradition of kneeling and receiving on the tongue. And also, both of us started receving on the tongue almost randomly, me based on a little nudge I felt in line to receive, and her because also out of nowhere she didn’t feel worthy to touch the Eucharist. We both agree that God does things to us that we only understand later - such as how we receive. :slight_smile: We both firmly believe that the Holy Spirit led us to do this. How ironic that it ends up being the traditional way? Hm… :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this like your story too?

Awesome! :thumbsup:

I admit I’m envious! With arthritis in both knees and knee surgery less than 2 months ago, I’m only just now getting to the point where I can genuflect before entering the pew–gripping the edge with both hands and almost able to get my knee on the ground, then a bit of huffing and puffing to pull myself back up again. No way would I be able to kneel for Communion unless I had a rail to hold on to…and even then, it would be a hold-up for others behind me.


When I do attend our local OF parish, I receive on the tongue and kneeling, as do several of our folks. So far no one has tripped over me or even come close.
Most of the time I attend an EF parish in Seattle so there is no problem.

ljubim, pretty similar. I came into the Church this past Easter Vigil, and just knew that I needed to receive on the tongue. My hands just are not worthy. Folks in the parish are wanting me to be an EHMC and I just can’t see myself doing that.

As far as kneeling, I’ve been feeling the tug to do that more intensely over the past few weeks. For me, receiving while standing just doesn’t show enough reverence and love to our Lord. Plus I need every opportunity to practice humilty :o . I know it’s the Holy Spirit who is leading me. I mentioned that I’d asked our rector about kneeling–he said OK. We have three priests, and I had nearly talked myself out of kneeling if one of the other two priests was celebrant this morning. So, in processes the rector this morning, I swear looking right at me with a “do you have the guts to go through with it” look. :eek:

I worried about making a show of myself. Then someone else said, “you never know, there may be people in the pews who also want to receive kneeling and you will give them the courage to do so.”

Choy, in our parish, elderly and disabled may sit in the first row, and there is a space for wheelchairs also. The priest distributing communion goes to them at their seats, as does the EHMC with the chalice. I’m not really sure what your comment/concern has to do with kneeling while receiving, though?

I may be missing something here. I guess it’s in the “heart of the beholder” or something like that.

I regularly attend two churches, one on weekdays, the other on Sundays. The one on Sundays does not make kneeling convivial due to the layout of the church (on the other hand, being an abbey, communion is ALWAYS distributed by a priest!) as there is no communion rail, and I do, with my knees, need a form of propulsion (i.e pushing against the communion rail) to regain normal cruising altitude :D. At the other, there is a traditional communion rail and I, as most others, receive kneeling, since I can easily propel myself skywards again.

I frankly don’t feel any different one way or the other.

What I do find makes a difference is my interior “worthiness” such as whether I’ve been to confession before, or was able to avoid a habitual sin, or feeling particularly spiritually alive rather than spiritually dead.

But that’s just me.

Totally understandable :smiley: In so many places, even receiving on the tongue is radically Catholic. God knows what’s on your heart. Every time I see an elderly or injured person genuflect, it warms my heart :slight_smile: and all I can think of is how much sooner than me you guys will enter the Kingdom of Heaven… and how incredibly envious I am of you! :wink: Us younger ones will be roughing it out here, and I hope you remember us poor fools when you’re looking upon the face of God :heaven:

THE FEAST OF CORPUS CHRISTI!!! When Pope Benedict XVI made it mandatory in his Masses. Literally this could not be more perfect. THURSDAY is the day my friend :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

How wonderful!! Welcome HOME! :slight_smile:

I really think God forms us to be ready for certain things in our life. For example, when He moves us to kneel it can teach us humility and how to fight pride/judgement at the same time, but mainly how to love Him without worrying what others think. This was huge for me, who used to be awfully self-conscious, especially so at Mass. God will conquer our vices if we let Him, and typically we’ll not figure it out until He’s already finished the job :smiley:

A parish a few towns away from me that I sometimes attend has a kneeler available for those who want to receive kneeling. I’ve noticed that if you make it available a surprising amount of people use it. I very much appreciate what the pastor is doing there.

I think bringing back the altar rails would just make sense. Go back to everyone lining up at the rail so the priest just has to go down the line. It would give anyone who wanted to the chance to kneel without being in anyone’s way or making a scene. Plus it would make communion go much faster - with the way people tend to complain if mass runs 5 minutes longer than normal you’d think the altar rail would be a big hit.

I think it’s rather sad that, in my parish, people look askance at a parishioner who kneels or genuflects to receive and deem it ‘old fashioned’ when the Anglicans down the street still kneel at the rail to receive.

I am very edified by people who receive kneeling. I always receive on the tongue, but standing. At my age I can’t easily kneel and get up without something to hold on to. I love going to churches where the congregation uses the altar rail. I have noticed at Mass here in Moscow at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, that many Russians kneel to receive Holy Communion. I haven’t seen anyone trip over them yet.

Receiving on the tongue is allowed, even encouraged (won’t even begin to express an opinion about the nonsense that H1N1 brought about) but kneeling is highly discouraged. When we had kneelers and rails the celebrant could go down the line of kneelers who could easily stand and be replaced well before the celebrant returned to that station at the rail. At the modern Mass we process serially to receive and even a genuflection can cause serious problems for those following; we have been asked specifically to not genuflect. I have to walk with a cane an such an unexpected event as the person ahead genuflecting or kneeling could easily cause me to stumble and fall. My opinion is that we either adapt to the modern/VII Mass or find a Latin Mass.

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