Could a laicized priest act as a Deacon in a Parish?

I know someone who left the priesthood in order to get married.

Since 2001, the Vatican has been encouraging the Bishops to allow laicized priests (who left the priesthood voluntarily to marry) to be engaged with the Parishes they belong to.

Could one act as a Deacon in a parish, assuming the Bishop allowed it?

No, a laicized priest is not permitted to serve as a deacon.

Can. 292 A cleric who loses the clerical state according to the norm of law loses with it the rights proper to the clerical state… He is prohibited from exercising the power of orders… By the loss of the clerical state, he is deprived of all offices, functions, and any delegated power.

The diaconate is an office of holy orders, once laicized a man is forbidden from exercising any office from holy orders. A deacon would usually assume duties such as preaching and distributing communion, both of which are explicitly forbidden by the rescript of laicization.

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