Could a priest deny communion to someone who is openly pro choice?

Okay, so lets say someone who is openly and well known to be pro choice (or anything else contrary to the church and her beliefs) goes up for communion. If the priest knows their beliefs because they have said it openly (Idk about confession since the whole seal of confession thing complicates it, but thats another question) can the priest deny communion to them publicly. Could the priest just not give them communion even if they went up to receive the body and blood?

I’m asking because a few weeks ago, the priest gave a homily over the eucharist and said that we “shouldn’t have wanted posters saying a certain person is banned from communion” and that its the communicants job to determine whether they should receive or not. However I remember there have been bishops who have said they would deny certain politicians communion. So could a priest deny a person if they walked up to receive Our Lord?

If a priest has certain knowledge that a person is in a state of mortal sin, and that person presents him or herself at the Eucharist, well, that’s a good question. But how could the priest know for certain that the person was in a state of mortal sin? Perhaps, even if that person was a known abortionist, he or she made Reconciliation with another priest and/or at another parish, earlier that day or the day before? So I agree, it is the communicant’s obligation to present at the Eucharist in a proper state to receive communion. If a priest administers the Eucharist to someone who is not in a state of grace and the priest has no way of knowing whether or not that person is fit to receive, how could the priest be at fault?

Regardless of thenoutcome…Why adopt the use of a word that obscures the reality of the act of killing an unborn baby?

The Kennedy’s and specifically Caroline Kennedy at the DNC is openly pro choice.

Cardinal Dolan should have called her out on it in his speech I believe.

but then do babykilling politicians get away with it by going to confession every sunday and saying they are sorry, but going back to their babykilling ways on monday? That doesn’t sound right to me

The Kennedy’s and specifically Caroline Kennedy at the DNC is openly pro choice.

Cardinal Dolan should have called her out on it in his speech I believe

Really? It’s none of anyone’s business. It’s between Caroline & God.

Yeah, that would have caused an uproar if he had done that. However, bringing it up without specifically using names would have been perfectly acceptable. In fact, I would go as far as to say that God commands us to take action…instead of always tip-toeing around these non-obedient Catholics.


If a priest knows that someone is actively pro-choice, I think they can refuse the person Communion. But the three priests I have shared my views with told me that I am still fit for Communion because I don’t act on my belief. I don’t picket, I don’t lobby, I don’t help or participate or even encourage abortion. I will share my opinion if asked, but I will reiterate Church teaching. But I truly do believe that in certain circumstances it’s a choice that a woman should continue to be able to make (such as when her health is at risk, or even taking emergency contraception at the ER after a rape), and I don’t believe autonomy and the freedom to make decisions that direct her healthcare should ever by trumped by another person’s religious beliefs. My priests have told me I can still have Communion with these views, and because I don’t participate/encourage/aid or have anything to do with abortion aside from my own personal beliefs and values.

Well Pelosi actually had a meeting with the Pope himself, and came out of that meeting still presenting for Communion. We don’t know what was said between them, but she was definitely not banned from presenting for Communion. She probably most likely is of the position that she represents all women, not just Catholic ones. In a pluralistic society, the politicians voted in to represent a demographic do just that.

By stating what you believe, you are participating, encouraging, aiding and having something to do with abortion.

I am not condemning, only pointing out the contradiction.


The contradiction only exists in your mind because you don’t agree with me, and that’s okay because you don’t have to. I have no intention of changing your mind or influencing you or anyone else either way. My opininon does not make me participate (I never took part in one abortion), encourage (I’ve never counseled anyone to have one, in fact, I counsel people not to have one), aid (won’t help pay for one, won’t provide transportation, won’t refer, etc.) or having anything to do with abortion.

I agree.

There is two factions within the Catholic church. The liberals version which is pro choice and for gay marriage. The other the conservative faction that opposes abortion and is against gay marriage. I pray for a monolithic church once again and due leadership from the high rank with the RCC.

Is it charitable to tell me what I believe? Your priest is correct that you can hold these views and still receive, but, once you make your views public, you are participating, encouraging, aiding, having something to do with abortion and influencing others, whether you choose to believe it or not. Murder, in any form, from onanism to euthanasia, is a sin against the grace of God.

Yes. The priest should do whatever is necessary for the salvation of a soul.

A - You already said what you believe, so the poster was just restating what is in your mind.

B - Posters are not topics.

C - Looks like you are trying to pick a fight with this poster. That’s not too charitable either.

Some priests don’t think keeping people from Jesus is the best way to do that.

That is for the priest to discern, not us.


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