Could being psychic be a gift from the Holy Spirit?


I’ve just joined this forum and I wanted opinions on the occult ( if we shall we call it that).
I have visited a couple more then once over the years, but only one was really impressive but did not use tarots/jewely/numerology or any other tools he just simply started talking for an hour about my past, present and future.

Anyway I have a devout religious friend who believes that these spiritualists and their messages are straight from the devil, but how can one possibly be sure of that, especially if they have a gift that could be used for the greater good?? I know in the bibles old testament it states not to practice or seek out divination but is it time to be less judgmental and more open minded about such things. If Gos placed the holy spirit in us all and gave us gifts whether it be to heal, teach, entertain may this not be another god given gift? If there is prophecy why must it only be accepted within church???

Please understand though, I am not condoning relying on readings or living by what they say but I just want to understand why this unknown phenomenon has such a bad name in the church?

The following link should answer your question about consulting mediums. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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