Could children in limbo communicate with their parents in Heaven?


Why would you assume this? The Church does not teach limbo.

You want us to speculate what can happen in limbo? A place that the Church does not teach anything about nor that it even exists?

You understand there is no answer, right?


Here’s what he wrote in the Summa Theologica:

(Aquinas starts by listing a number objections, which he then responds to. Here’s the first part of the response.)

On the contrary, It is written (Ephesians 4:13): “Until we all meet . . . unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the age of the fulness of Christ.”

Now Christ rose again of youthful age, which begins about the age of thirty years, as Augustine says (De Civ. Dei xxii). Therefore others also will rise again of a youthful age.

Further, man will rise again at the most perfect stage of nature. Now human nature is at the most perfect stage in the age of youth. Therefore all will rise again of that age.

I answer that, Man will rise again without any defect of human nature, because as God founded human nature without a defect, even so will He restore it without defect. Now human nature has a twofold defect. First, because it has not yet attained to its ultimate perfection. Secondly, because it has already gone back from its ultimate perfection. The first defect is found in children, the second in the aged: and consequently in each of these human nature will be brought by the resurrection to the state of its ultimate perfection which is in the youthful age, at which the movement of growth terminates, and from which the movement of decrease begins.


The Church once taught limbo actively, now it merely retains the teaching as a valid one for Catholics who wish to maintain it.

To qualify as a Church “teaching” same does not have to be a dogma nor the only official answer. Nor must it always be Magisterially taught.

To be “a teaching” it simply has to have been taught at some time in an accepted and widespread manner. To remain a teaching it merely needs to have never been rescinded.

Geocentrism being a necessary truth to safeguard the inerrancy of the Bible was once a mainstream teaching but eventually rescinded.

That Mary never died is a relatively recent teaching, not mainstream but very popular. One may hold it.
Likwise one may also hold to the more ancient teaching that Mary died.

The teaching on Limbo was once a mainstream one.
Now it is on the backburner. However it has never been withdrawn, one may legitimately hold it.


If there is such a thing as limbo, then it will be up to God to determine if they can communicate.

And if there is no such thing as limbo, then the question is irrelevant.


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