Could Christians eat shrooms?

Could Christians eat shrooms? I don’t mind marijuana. I am all for its legalization. I also smoke it from time to time. I am not a stoner. I don’t encourage people to smoke it everyday. But hey, once every now and then I don’t mind. It helps me relax and focus better. Shrooms though, I really want to try but I just don’t know. I have never tripped before. Just gotten high. My friend offered them to me and he said if I ever want any to just call him up. I am thinking about it. Shrooms are way different from marijuana. They are a halucinagenic. So… I don’t know. Do you think it’s ok? I know I’m mostly going to get Catholic opinions. But, all kinds of Christians would be helpful.

It messes with your mind.
Do you want to risk your mental health and be mentally scarred for the rest of your life?
You might even get early onset Schizophrenia.

Think about this.

I would say it is a grave sin to consume shrooms or marijuana considering the serious mental damage that it causes. We cannot deliberately damage our bodies through drug use because it dishonors Our Lord who deigned to give us a body as a gift without any merit on our behalf.

Ummm… how about a big no? And of course you’re going to get mostly Catholic responses: you’re posting on a Catholic Forum!!! You need to get new friends brother, because yours seem to be stinkers. But for ALL Christians in general: A moral, virtuous, God-fearing Christian who wants to make the most out of the *very *short time they possess here on earth should not be doing *any *sort of hallucinogen or what have you. Not only is marijuana and “shrooms” a gateway drug to other, more intense ones such as heroin and cocaine, but who on God’s good green earth would EVER want to lose control of their own body for an indefinite amount of time by doing such drugs…? Doesn’t seem like an intelligent thing at all. Besides that, i never even saw what was so fun or cool about doing these drugs. Want to go smoke a dried plant that has been handled by God only knows who or how many people so you can get a short "rush’? Sounds great! :shrug: Even if i had the chance i wouldn’t because it doesn’t even sound remotely interesting and seems like a tremendous waste of valuable time. People are dying of hunger in Africa and Asia and even America and yet instead of helping them and doing something useful with their lives, we have people sitting around getting high while people die. And i am only 20, which is the time in life in which people my age usually partake in such activities. Legalize pot? God forbid we add another ailment to our already disintegrating culture… :nope:

I think the cannabis plant is God’s gift to mankind. Concentrated cannabis oil will kill cancer cells, stop epileptic seizures and suppress Parkinson’s symptoms. Smoked cannabis has gotten many cancer patients through their chemo when nothing else worked. God has put these plants here for our use. Just use them wisely.

Shrooms? I have a backyard that is covered with magic mushrooms. That is, I think that is what they are, as near as I and Google can tell. I would never in a million years dare to eat any of them. One wrong mushroom and you’re dead.

I say whatever plants you choose to ingest is your business, but remember - just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. And for heaven’s sake, don’t get behind the wheel of a car after. :eek:

Feel free to eat anything you want. Would you have one of your friends send me your obt. notice? I will send flowers. Seriously, don’t eat the Srooms. Despite what is commonly believed for the most part, MJ should only have medical applications.

Unless you’re referring to portobello or shitake mushrooms, the answer is no :slight_smile:

Certain drugs open us up to demonic influences; they impair our reasoning; they can be dangerous; they are an affront to the Holy Spirit, Whose temple we are etc.

Marijuana is not that bad. You don’t loose control on it. If anything, you gain more control! Seriously! Also, it seems to me a myth that marijuana is a gateway drug. I have plenty of friends who have been smoking pot for years, and the only others substances they ever do is shrooms and maybe lsd. But they never did things like heroine or cocain. Nor do they want to. They encourage all to stay away from those. And I as a pot smoker also encourage people to stay away from those as well. It seems to me that the majority of critics of marijuana have just never tried it. Same with shrooms. But I have not tried them either. I’m still discerning.

“just shrooms or lsd”, that’s all. LOL

What a maroon.


I dont have exact quotes, however the Church teaches it is a mortal sin to get drunk. It is the same reasoning behind the Churchs teaching on alcohol that prohibit the eating of shrooms

Christians should not eat “shrooms”. First of all, they are classified as a substance with a high potential for abuse or addiction and no medicinal value. That would be immoral because it is not showing respect for your body, the one God gave you.

Second, it’s illegal. We are bound to follow lawful authority unless that authority directs us to sin.

Those particular mushrooms are still illegal. Since Christians should not be breaking the law, that would be a no. Some may argue that it’s an arbitrary law, but so is not being able to drink before you’re 18 or 21 or driving a car before age 16.

Marijuana is legal here, but I have no desire to try it again. When I smoked it years & years ago, all it did was put me to sleep. It’s way too expensive to use like a sleeping pill!

That’s hilarious.

You’ve had your fun with the Catholics…now run along now…:wave:

“shrooms” are very dangerous

if you want the “effect” why not just look at “trippy” pictures on google?

There is a Macklemore song on it that touches up on the struggles of addiction after doing them(He also mentions finding God and how he helped him overcome addiction)

And to answer the question… No one should do them Regardless of religion

I don’t like to have my mind clouded beyond my control.

Some wine, beer or hard liquor that tastes good with food and gives a little “buzz” is all I will do, but to lose complete control of your faculties, Intentionally, is wrong! Even if you don’t have to drive home.

Did you just use Macklemore as a moral argument? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. I was thinking the same thing.

A problem might be that while you are tripping you continue picking 'shrooms. There are some 'shrooms that will kill you in 5 days and without treatment within the first two days you will die. That would give you three days of life knowing theres nothing you can do about it. Apparently you feel better after a few days but you still die in three. And the 'shrooms are kinda similar in appearance I believe with other poisonous types.

well alot of his music talks about issues

and the song is saying NOT to do magic mushrooms…

so yeah lol

So you don’t think weed is a gateway drug, but then you say that you have friends who use other drugs in addition to weed? Seems to me like you’re saying the weed opened the gate for them to try the mushrooms and LSD.

Here’s the problems with drugs like mushrooms and LSD and X. While the drugs themselves might not be addictive, you get addicted to the feelings that you have while on them. There are neurotransmitters in your brain that become overloaded with seratonin that make you feel great, for a while, but then when you come down, you feel horrible. Google the term “Suicide Tuesday” if you don’t believe me. Trust me, the fun you could potentially have while on these drugs is not worth the aftermath.

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