Could doomsday predictions be leading to a lack of virtue?

I refer you back to what Jesus said in my earlier post. Nobody knows so we should always be ready and nobody should be looking for signs.
I will stick by what Christ told us and not waste my life looking for imaginary signs.
ALWAYS BE READY then you don’t have to waste your time.

You are if you spend your life looking for signs of end of days.

What is your opinion then, on when the ‘cessation of bishops’ occurred? Bishops are right in the N.T., plain as day they’re the Church’s authentic pastors, and that same office /pastorate persisted into the era immediately succeeding the Apostolic era. When /where /how did this scriptural, biblical pastorate, the office of a bishop (cf. 1st Timothy 3:1 KJV), invented by the Apostles themselves, become null, in your view?

A lot of people say, “Constantine,” is that your view too? or do you have in mind another occasion? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The bible writes that the ancestors of Noah, their
lifespan were between 700-900 year old (Genesis 5). I could imagine that if one generation was around 900years average, then theoretically it took even longer (than our science theories calculation) to reach to our time.

The big change happened in Genesis 6 where God said that human was mere flesh and so God set human maximum age at 120years old.

I always believed that Adam and Eve lived a very very long life, and so their childrens children lifespan was great, since god created them “good” and they eat only “good” and their world was “good” (and they were meant to live forever to begin with- before the fall). So then, down to Noah, down to us.

So thats why our bible say that we are at the ‘end time’ era, because it took a long long time to reach to our time, and that our time is only a small fraction of the whole timespan from creation.

I think doomsday predictions that don’t come true make Christians look stupid.

A few years back , there was a fundamentalist preacher who predicted the rapture with specific dates on more than one occasion.

Naturally, the skeptics and scoffers had a lot of fun with this, either not realizing or not caring that the majority of Christians were not devotees of this man.
It was just an excuse to mock.

And I wonder how many low-information people who were on the fence about Christianity were turned off by his antics.


The Kingdom of God is at hand. It might be tomorrow or a thousand years, but it is at hand. And none of us know when it is. We are to still, however, be like the wise virgins with lit lamps and plenty of oil to spare. For we do not know when He will come.


God’s presence. The essential.
Not signs of catastrophe…that isn t “the signs of the times”

Not according to the bible

I’m going to just ignore your comment about Jewish people. We don’t need that sort of remark on such a sunny, nice day. Putting you on ignore now. Bye.

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Unfortunately, doomsday predictions by scientists that don’t come true do not make them look stupid.

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Indeed, those who have no hope often decide to “go out with a bang,” as it were. As for us, for whom the Second Coming is our Blessed Hope, the culmination of the salvation the Lord purchased for us by His Cross and Resurrection, we ought to be all the more encouraged to live righteously by the signs of the times.

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Haha true.
In that case, it’s handwaved away with a “well, science is an ongoing process, dontcha know”

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Whether you like it or not, you’re violating the rules of the forum, and you need to stop. You’re not winning anyone over by blatantly ignoring the rules we’re all expected to follow. Just because you choose to follow a church besides Christ’s Church does not grant you immunity.


To the OP.

No, definitely not. I lived from 1959 (when the first ICBMs were deployed) to the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s and didn’t lose a second of sleep over it. I had a very good time even though my city was target number 5 on the list. Only angry, misguided people who hated Christian morality attacked the Church, the family and our neighborhoods starting in the mid-1960s. That’s what happened.

LOL–i lived most of my life in or near one of the top 2 cities for being hit by the USSR, and I didn’t worry either.

I had never thought about the process being the other way around. I’m going to think about that idea now.

Well, to be fair, in the Sign of Jonah quote you cited He was not talking about end times either but about His messianic status.

That’s what I said in my words.

Not to people who have read the Bible and believe in God as described there. He Himself scared people off from sinning as well. Like the people of Ninive.
But those who make predictions just to scam people are definitely doing something bad. Many are Christians. There is no.excuse to use something as serious as the Final Judgement for personal gain. You either want to honestly remind the world of its frailty in front of God or you don’t.

Some will, but others will repent. Did not the Lord also say of those days, “The Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached to all nations?” Are not the saints from “all people, kindred, tongues and nations?”

Climate Change seems to be appearing on every CAF thread lately…

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