Could enything ever be >OFF TOPIC< to God?


**We quite frequently read in this forum:
“Please stay on topic, everyone. Take private discussions to the Clubhouse or PM one another. Thank you all.”

Now –
don’t we know, that Christian life enfolds every aspect of life?!
Whatever we do or think or say or write, it’s done, (or ought to be done) in Jesus Christ; in the knowledge that we will have to justify ourselves for every minute of our life here on earth.
Even if we forgot to do whatever we are doing in Jesus, we might after all excuse ourselves by:
Let it be done, thought, experienced in countenance of You.

Well, ok, if someone really gets so exited, that he or she foams over of enthusiasm, we might remind our next – well, ok, fine, great, but what about the question I asked :smiley:

If and when we really live in God, that means, when we know about the presence of God "in all and everything” – whatever we think, do, experience, - we will involve God in just all, that means, we will check up whatever we think, do, experience with God and our knowlege of GOD IS.

These days I was asked by a young lady: “Oh, when I pray, I’m disturbed by so many other thoughts and ideas, that I simply “get off topic” and suddenly remember – I’M PRAYING!”

This very thing happens to all of us quite often.

So I said; that’s a very small problem and no sin at all. All you have to do is; cover all you think whilst praying, all “off topic” thoughts, everything, into this prayer of yours, and present it as your way of thinking to God. He, God, will understand, and the devil will have no chance to get you off praying nor set your mind unto other things. You are in God all the time and you praise God with everything – whatever it might be that moves you, whatever you think, do, experience or say, when it’s done before God - in the face of God.
Just give your whole life with every aspect of it in the hands of God, and it will be all right! To God there is no >OFF TOPIC<.
please Moderator,
would you please correct the wrong spelling
of enithing (Theme) into anything.
why don’t you all simply write in German (but even then I’d write mistekes :smiley:


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