Could everybody consider speading this pro-life song to others?

Hi, everyone!

When you have a moment, could you check out the following website, containing a wonderful new pro-life song by Mr. David Burke (of Duluth, GA, I think)?

This is just in time for October (Pro-Life Month), and the composer is making it available free (both the MP3 [about 5 MB] and the PDF sheet music [about 500 KB]) for download. Many of the pro-life songs I’ve heard are–well–not the most musically “polished” things I’ve ever heard… but this one was surprisingly good, and I found it very powerful.

Here’s an article from which also gives some of the background:

It would be wonderful if this could be spread through every “local e-mail list” of everyone on the forums; this song really has the potential to move hearts!

In Christ,


Yes, I have listened to it and passed it on as requested.

May the Lord bless their efforts with success.

Beautiful. It made me cry.

Passing it on to our parish choir, local pro-life organisatiions etc…

Thank you for that beautiful link. Today in Aurora, IL, Planned Parenthood opened despite lawsuits from prolife groups working to keep it from doing just that. Let us pray that God’s message and this song is heard that all life is sacred!

Our church in Sarawak, Malaysia, is going to do a project on anti-abortion. We stumbled upon this song when doing research for materials. Thanks, David Burke!

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