"Could Francis, Biden find each other like John Paul II and Reagan?"

This article seems to be implying something about somebody, but I am not really sure what or who…

Could Francis, Biden find each other like John Paul II and Reagan?

“As the dust begins to settle from the tumultuous 2020 presidential election in America, it’s possible that outside of Joe Biden’s campaign team, no group will emerge as bigger fans of the mail-in ballot than Pope Francis and his allies in the Vatican.”

They’re writing about this like it’s even a question.

There’s 95-99 percent odds tha Pope Francis would welcome Joe Biden with open arms and a big smile.

The comparison to JPII and Reagan is not apt though. Pope Francis is no Pope JPII, and Biden is about the polar opposite of Reagan.


I’m sure Notre Dame is getting ready with an honorary degree for Biden as well.

Nah. Georgetown will be the ones doing that

I’m no political scientist but the article seems rosy and superficial. One would think power is wielded only by people we see in the news, and that fighting for national interests is mostly a personality thing.

I am sure Francis will take more warmly to Biden as he did Obama.

/trump isn’t really a likable guy.

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I find Trump likeable enough, but I don’t have the same personality and priorities as Pope Francis, who often epitomizes the generation before mine that I often didn’t like or relate to much.

Trump just reminds me of a big blowhard contractor from NYC, which is exactly what he is. I can handle that a lot better than I can handle hippies.


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