Could God ever allow someone to time travel?

Say in the future a person who will one day become a canonized saint prays to be able to visit Christ back in His ministry years. Would that be morally possible?

Would in general God ever allow someone to time travel in the future or past? :slightly_smiling_face::tulip:Would God ever change time?

Not like you think of it.

If we could ever “time” travel, it would be to a separate universe extremely similar to ours at that given date. So if you changed something and came back, this universe would be unaffected.

I think anyone filled with the Holy Spirit already feels close to God and doesn’t need visual proof of Christ’s human life in the 1-33 A.D. period. Additionally, mediums claim that they can see the past and the future which we know from scripture is repulsive to God.

So a new universe pops into existence anytime someone time travels?

That’s certainly a possible way time travel works (if it can even happen). I’m curious what makes you certain that’s the way it would work.

Time travel will never happen.

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Time travel happens.
Every one of us travels into the future one second at a time.


I meant like Back to the future.

People can experience visions of the past or possibilities for the future. We also revisit moments in the past, such as the Passion during the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

I also think (in my opinion) that in Heaven we are going to be able to revisit every instant in time in order to see and appreciate its full significance.

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Sure, God could allow it. God could do anything he wants. Whether God would allow it, or sees a need for it, is something else again. We also aren’t supposed to pray for God to grant us supernatural phenomena.


With God, all things are possible.

However, I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over pondering this.

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One answer: God could allow this but won’t.
If time travel is possible, why aren’t 7 million people observing the crucifixion of Christ?
Otherwise there would be impossible situations that would have to be reconciled with reality. What if someone went back into the past and killed his grandfather? Then he couldn’t be born and have gone back into to the past and killed his grandfather. So what happened?

No if we ever did time travel, it would scenario where we’d travel at very high speed (near speed of light), at which speed time slows (on the ship). Thus when return to Earth 3 days may have only gone by on the ship but 3 decades may have gone by on Earth. Thus we can only travel forward in time, as far as we know. This has been confirmed by astronauts who returned to Earth and was confirmed they had biologically aged less than if stayed on Earth.
This is from Einstein’s theory of relativity

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I think that has already happened. St Bridget comes to mind as someone who had visions about the time of Christ. Time travel is not needed for that, God can transport someone in the spirit, as it were. Of course nothing that already happened would change.

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I don’t see why not personally. I don’t think God would allow us to change time and interact, but perhaps observe. There was a near death experiencer who reported that Jesus took him to a concentration camp, or he had a memory from some one in a concentration camp…something like that…

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doesn’t it then become the present, no longer the future?

I don’t think fundamentally God would permit time travel because at its core it’s rejection of the present which is rejection of God and thus is demonic pride. It’s saying “God, I reject the era you put me in so I’m going to thwart you and put myself where you should have put me.”

If the only reason you’d like to time travel is to physically visit certain points in time… give Microsoft a few more years, I’m sure they’ll be able to create some virtual reality thingamajig that will be so realistic you will think you traveled back in time.

If I travel back to a time before my baptism, and sin mortally, will that sin be absolved when I am baptized?

No, because the version of you that belongs to the timeline you traveled back to is the one being baptized, not your future self. However, if you travel back in time to before you committed said sin and go to confession, it would be absolved because it is in your past, but also in their future at the same time.
Confused yet? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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