Could Hitler have been the antichrist?

  • He was extremely charismatic and managed to unify all of Germany in his policies.

  • Waged incredibly large and destructive wars.

  • Elevated himself to almost a god through great deals of propaganda.

  • Although claimed to be a good Christian, was in fact a Norse paganist.

  • Those who did not faithfully do the Nazi salute (the mark of the beast) were imprisoned.

  • Persecuted Catholics and Jews a great deal.

  • Goebbels would be the false prophet, since he was the minister of propaganda and the foremost Nazi politician.

  • After his suicide, Jewish leaders converged to create a new Israel.

Is it possible that Hitler is the Antichrist, or at least a predecessor?


I think there is no doubt he met the job description.

He is certainly “an” anti-Christ.

I’m not so sure he will be the “last” anti-Christ.



Absolutely and obviously not. Scripture clearly shows this. Not even close.
However, were one to be alive during those trials they would sure wonder if he would turn out to be.


He was certainly of the spirit of antichrist, but he wasn’t the beast of Revelation. Many people think that the beast of Revelation is “The Antichrist” and yet “antichrist” does not appear in Revelation.


The anti-christ is mentioned only in the letters of John. It seems to refer generally to anyone who is against Christ, or who denies the incarnation.

According to The Catholic Source Book, there are many interpretations, legends, and bigotries spawned by 2 Thessalonians 1-12, and Revelation 13:18, which don’t actually use this term.

But Catholic teaching is that the beast of e.g. Revelation was the Roman emperor Nero, whose name “adds up” to 666.


You are correct and I believe the biggest anti-Christ to date is mohammad who taught Jesus was only a creature and not divine. But for the anti-Christ mohammad 1 billion muslims would be Catholics now.


Actually, he could have been an Antichrist according to scripture, but he does not fit the profile of the Antichrist.

I don’t know if I can agree with you on this. Error is one thing but Islam, as historically oppositional to Christianity as it is, does not qualify its founder as Antichrist. Bear in mind that Islam does not revile Jesus, they simply reject Him as Christ and all that goes with it.:bible1:


If Islam does not revile Jesus, it is because they fail to see the Jewishness of him. The more Islam can distance Jesus from his earthly bretheren and heritage, the more they can tolerate a remanufactured Jesus.

For instance, some say Jesus is a Palestinean, that he lived in the land of Palestine, that he is done once and for all with Israel, etc.,etc. The fact alone that Jesus came from Isaac and not Ishmael starts all kinds of false teachings from Islam about Jesus.

More and more Jews are coming to faith in Jesus today. The more that do come to faith, the more and more Islam will revile Jesus.

Sooner or later, Islam will have to rethink their “first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.”


Just think–THE anti-christ will even be worse than Hitler!

The Vulgate says that anyone who does not believe that Jesus “IS COME” in the flesh is anti-chirst.

The only place where Jesus “IS COME” in the flesh in the present tense is in the Eucharist.

If you don’t believe that Jesus “IS COME” in the flesh in the Eucharist you are anti-christ!


NO! There are way too many speculative fundamentalists who are out looking under every stone for anti-Christ. They act as if they can stop him or avoid him somehow if they know who he is. The truth is anti-Christ comming is the fulfillment of scripture which ushers in Christ’s final triumph. We need not be concerned in the least about who anti-Christ is - just follow Christ teaching and the teachings of His Catholic Church and all will be well.

We can not escape the suffering and the persecution that will come with anti-Christ. In fact it is that suffering for Christ that we are baptised into that will bring us an opportunity to prove our faith and earn a very high heavenly reward. No one should be worried in the least about suffering for their faith.

Apart from all that we have no even yet had the minor Chastisement. After that we will need to have the coming of the false prophet to usher in anti-Christ by emulating and role playing the role that John The Baptist did before Jesus. Satan is going to try to mock and emulate Jesus by going through all the same motions as Jesus but being utterly evil and perditious.

We could be many centuries yet before anti-Christ comes. I do however think we are quite close to witnessing the minor chastisement which will purge the planet of false doctrines and wicked people. The irony is that there is nothing “minor” about it since many private revelations collectively depict a scenario similar to the passover where only about 25% of the planet will survive it.

Just be prepared (go to sacramental confession, pray often, receive the sacraments and be charitable to everyone and have blessed altar candles [51% beeswax] and holy water on hand) and don’t open the doors or look out windows when it happens. Everyone gets a final chance to repent and call on God’s mercy that will be impossible to ignore - yet most will still not believe just like in the time of Noah.



With people like you running around purporting themselves to be Jews or “Jewish Christians” it’s a wonder both the Jews and the Moslems don’t take issue with us.

The fact is that Christianity is not Jewish and hasn’t been since the book of Acts was completed. The New Testament Church ceased attending temple and being Jewish by the end of the first century.

Certainly the Lord Jesus was a Jew, but even Orthodox Jews will contest that today. The fact of the matter is that one cannot be both Jewish and Christian today because (even among Jews) once one converts to Christianity you are no longer a Jew.

I have yet to encounter a modern “Jewish Christian” who follows all the kosher and dietary laws of Orthodox Judaism.

All that Hebrew is nice and all and it’s good to recognize the roots of our most holy faith, but even the Lord and the apostles spoke Aramaic and not Hebrew and there is a big difference.



They ceased attending the Temple because it was destroyed and the people dispersed from the land. How hard it must of been for Jewish Christians to preach Christ to their bretheren away from Israel. For witnessing purposes, they still had the scriptures. But in Jerusalem, they had the awesome “pictures”(Temple, feasts, etc.) of the things to come, which was Christ himself.

What don’t they contest?

Downright silly. But I always here of Irish Christians, Palestinean Christians, “Roman” Catholics, “Greek” Orthodox. I myself have no problem with these of course, but everyone seems to have a problem with “Jewish Christians”.

But when it comes to rabbinic Judaism, if that is what you were referring to, I agree, you cannot be both.

Same here. They most likely realize and rejoice because of the Grace of God, they don’t have to do those things anymore.

Thanks for the little pinch on the cheek and the OK to recognize the roots. :slight_smile: But don’t forget who we, who were once wild shoots, are grafted into. I think when one is grafted into a tree, Im sure they recognize the root all right, since that is where the nourishing sap comes from. :thumbsup:

It’s quite possible that our Lord and Apostles spoke 3 languages. But I’ll bet dollars to donuts that Hebrew was used in the synagogues where the scriptures were read.


I read a Catholic theologian point-of-view (sorry, can’t remember any names) that theorized that Revelations was written about the Christian persecutions in Rome and that the antichrist was Nero. In other words, it already happened. It’s not a doomsday prophecy like so many evangelicals like to think.

Now, for Hitler, I’m a history teacher (or would be if teachers weren’t being laid off by the thousands, literally, in my state - thanks, Arnold) and I’ve read a lot about Hitler because he fascinates me. Having said that, Hitler is no worse than many totalitarian rulers in history. Stalin, for instance. And if you go back to say the Huns and other “barbarous” tribes, you find atrocicites by the boatload. The Germans are just good with technology and were the first to put it to use in mass murder situations. We were next, with the atom bomb (whether you think it was justified or not, it killed a lot of innocent people using a brand new technology).


James, I like your post. Thank you.

I don’t understand the reference though about the 51% blessed beeswax altar candles, the holy water and not looking out the windows or opening the doors when “it” -the minor chastisement- happens.

Any books on this -books based upon solid Catholic teaching- you could recommend to me?

I’d love to read up on all of this, according to the Catholic church.


Thanks. There are many private revelations that are approved as safe for believing in but one is not obliged to have to believe. One that is of particular interest to me is called “Three Days of Darkness”. You can Google that title and get many references. Be careful though since there are many sites that are sensationalizing this prophecy - especially sedevacantist Catholic sites. The thing that got my attention is that there have been may different saints over the many years who have alleged to have received this revelation. There is also quite a bit of scriptural prefiguring basis for it to. I don’t like this next site I am going to reference since they try to pin down actual dates (which is usually a bad idea to trust in) but at least they do a good job of giving scriptural references (A Three Days of Darkness Site).

There is a discussion in these forums actually:

A book that I have read that gives Catholic interpretation of “End Times” prophecy as well as mentions numerous private Catholic prophecies is: Trial, Tribulation & Triumph Before, During and After Antichrist by Desmond A. Birch : Read Reviews at Amazon . They mention this Three Days of Darkness prophecy/revelation in the book and indicate that it seems plausible.

Good Luck


No…I believe he was certainly an anti-Christ…but not THE anti-Christ…I tell you though, I think Barrack Obama would make a good candidate for the THE anti-Christ…only time will tell though :wink:


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