Could I be a consecrated virgin?

I’m definitely NOT a virgin as I have children but I have never been married and I’m single. As much as there is part of me who would love a caring husband to share my life with, I also feel that maybe God is trying to call me on a different path.

I have read that it’s not a necessary requirement to be a virgin for this vocation but as a Mother could this be a vocation option I could consider?

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Virginity can’t be lost voluntarily for the Consecrated Virgins:



Hello! I don’t think that mothers who have children under the legal age (18) can be a consecrated person, and yes, they can’t be considered a consecrated virgin if they lose their virginity. BUT why don’t you to be a part of the Secular Franciscans? I think that this will be a good place for every person who wants to be a part of a community, although you won’t be able to wear habits and be consecrated. I’m also planning to be a part of Secular Franciscan when I become 20… GOD bless you and your children!


Thank you very much for clarifying. :slight_smile:

Thank you, thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t heard of them so I will do some research.

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No problem, sister! GOD bless you!

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Consecrated Virgin is only for those who haven’t even engaged in foreplay. CVs are also the only ones who receive consecration. Aside from ordained priests, anyone else can only be Dedicated Laity.

There are other consecrations that are not canonical, e.g. Montfortian consecration to Our Lady.

Perhaps what you’re being called to do is to eventually make a private vow of chastity, and embark upon Second Virginity. We are all called to emulate the angels.

Seek out a spiritual director, and begin discerning what you’re being attracted to. Make notes, and/or keep a journal.

Above all, be a good Catholic Christian. Your example is very important to your children.

My new congregation:

My particular Ministry promoting the cloisters and contemplative life:
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Thank you for your message and your detailed reply. I am in the process of RCIA so my knowledge is lacking in this area.

I wasn’t aware of a private vow being an option, so thank you for pointing that out.

Religious life is also a possibility I would think… unless you have young children still at home. You can’t be a consecrated virgin, as part of the consecration is to literally consecrate the woman’s virginity… but a vocation as a religious sister / nun is possible. I know an older Sister who is a mother. Sadly, her adult children abandoned her after she converted to Catholicism.

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You can’t be a consecrated virgin if you lost your virginity voluntarily. You may be able to become a religious sister or a lay consecrated but I would imagine your children need to be of age before you would be considered for these vocations.

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I have dependent children so a religious life as a nun isn’t an option at present. I feel like although there is a yearning in part for a husband. I don’t feel that is necessarily my path. I enjoy seeing others in relationships and am not against it. I just feel a pull that I should be exploring another option.

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Thanks for your message. I think maybe a private vow may be an option I should consider looking at the responses.

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No problem. Perhaps. You could look into the options in your diocese. You could also look into Opus Dei, which is a lay vocation. I know they get a lot of bad press but my experiences with them have been wholly positive and they are excellent for lay formation, and that would leave you free for marriage if that option opens up to you in the future.


Thanks, I’ll do some research into Opus Dei as well.

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