Could I need deliverance of some sort?

Hi everyone. I suffer from a personality disorder known as borderline personality disorder which results in instability in the way I view myself. It causes me to frequently switch religions and denominations and yes I know that Catholicism is not a denomination. I just recently tried out Islam for a short while. I also suffer from major depression which includes suicidal tendencies. I also have severe anxiety and adult ADHD. I ask, could I need some sort of deliverance? If so, how do I go about getting this deliverance? Medication has proved to be unsuccessful in treating me effectively. It helps some but not nearly enough and I am already on the maximum dosages for all of my medications. What do you think? :shrug::confused:

Pray, and talk to your confessor. Ask him about exorcism, and heed his advice.

I have already talked to my spiritual director about exorcism and he said that I didn’t need one. I still feel that I do. What should I do? :shrug::confused:

Heed his words. Jesus asks of you obedience. Trust in Him.

Dear Holly

A lot of people suffer such afflictions. What makes you think you need an exorcism? Do you have any clear signs of diabolical activity? I don’t think your possessed but you may still have some probs for sure. People with such illnesses are several times more likely than those who don’t of getting to heaven if it offers you any consolation to know that. I would just say that be very easy on yourself if you think you’ve sinned. Go thru the usual procedure but know a lot of sins when its because of this illness are not sins at all. You cannot give full consent when its from a sickness like this. You can try the best site to explore the diabolical aspect at I pray for you every day Holly. I hope it helps you.

God bless you dear fiend:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Yes, do look at the site suggested above, the Padre Pio site for special prayers. They have been a great blessing to me and there are two that I use daily. Perhaps this would be a good place to start. And as I understand it, there is a difference between demonic possession and demonic obsession. Perhaps you can look into those differences. You do show great self honesty and insight, two traits that many lack. God bless you.

Dear Holly,

It is possible for demons to piggyback on an existing illness and make it worse, but I doubt that your conditions are caused by demons. Instead, I suspect they are the crosses you’ve been given to bear.

That being said, the primary means of deliverance are the sacraments and staying in a state of grace. The St. Pio Center offers Seven Steps to Self-Deliverance that clients must have been working on for 2 months before seeking a personal consultation. You can see the steps here. These steps are helpful whether or not there are demons involved.

Perhaps you could seek a therapist who can help you learn to manage your conditions so that your BPD doesn’t control you. See to find a local Catholic therapist.

Also, I recommend reading and reflecting on resignation to God’s will - see this chapter of Spiritual Theology for a good explanation of Christian resignation and abandonment to God’s will.

Whatever God positively and directly wills is best for us, even if for the time being it causes pain and suffering. In the face of incurable sickness or the death of loved ones, the only Christian attitude is: “Thy will be done.” And if our love of God is strong enough to enable us to rise above simple resignation, and through our pain or sorrow give thanks to God, we shall have reached a high degree of abandonment to the will of God.

As always, you are in my prayers, Holly.


Look for a practitioner of Dialectical Behavior Theray (DBT).

Your insight into your illness is a good prognosticator. :slight_smile:

Thanks Eucharisted. I will heed his advice.

Thanks John for the website and for the advice. It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you Jeanannemarie. I will look at the website.

Thank you for your advice Becky. As always, it is greatly appreciated. And thank you for the links as well.

Hi Angels Unaware, I already have a therapist who is a practitioner of DBT. Thank you for your advice though.

Anyway, everyone, I am extremely depressed right now. Please pray for me.

Find out if your Diocese has an Exorcist, and have someone help you arrange an appointment to see him, if there is one. (Know that the Devil will try to prevent you from getting there, and do everything you can to overcome every obstacle that presents itself.)

If not, find out about neighboring Dioceses, whether they have exorcists, and keep on looking until you find a good one.

He won’t give you an exorcism right away, or even at all if you don’t need one. But he will know what to do, and he will be able to give you good advice.

Oh ok. Thank you for this advice Jmcrae. How do I find out if my diocese has an exorcist? :shrug::confused:

Ask around after Mass, in the coffee hour. Someone in your parish will know. :slight_smile:

Contact the office of the Vicar General of your diocese and ask.

G’day Holly. I’m somewhat loathe to get involved in an area where I have very limited knowledge. But I remember my old pastor commenting that if you’ve got a ***neurotic ***illness, you can often do something about it. If you have a psychotic illness however, there’s not much you can do. His own eldest son had bipolar disorder / manic depression and he committed suicide only a few months after I joined their church. All his other sons did very well, but the oldest had to bear the burden of this psychotic disorder.

I was reading an article where a German magazine interviewed Fr. Pedro Barrojon, an Italian priest exorcist. He commented that the only person who was not ridiculed in an exorcism was Mary. Everybody else is fair game, including God, the Pope, Christ, the bishop, the exorcist, but never Mary. It’s an enigma.

Now I don’t think you need an exorcist. But either way, it would seem that it might be worth your while to continue appealing to Mary. After all if the devil is scared of her (although I think it’s more a case that God has told the devil she’s off limits, in the same way a big tough bloke might not care what you said about him, but if you insult his mother …!!), then she is likely to be able to at least reassure you.

If it settles your mind, keep checking to see if you need an exorcist. Personally, I don’t think you do. But I would also suggest you concentrate on Mary.

I"ve added a link to the article about exorcism. You’ll also note that Fr. Barrajon found only about one person in ten referred to him actually needed an exorcist.

I’m a little too embarrassed to do that. ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, now, that I can do! :slight_smile:

Hmmm, ok. Thanks for the advice and thanks for the link! :thumbsup:

Bumping this up.

Well everyone, I contacted the Vicar General for my diocese and left a voicemail. I am now waiting for a return call. :slight_smile:

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