Could I Please ask for Prayers for Me? Medicine problems


Hello my dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

I suffer from emotional disorders and had been taking a low dose of Risperdal every day for 8 years. I had developed debilitating side effects due to all the years on Risperdal, and had to be taken off it a few days ago. I am now taking 80mg of GEODON, once a day, in it’s place.

Would you please pray for me?
I am experiencing BOTH the withdrawal symptoms from the Risperdal and the adjustment to the new medication symptoms.
I feel like I am extremely tense and my chest is tight and I am feeling extremely, extremely nervous and on edge. Please pray for me that God in His mercy will get me through this difficult time of adjustment and relieve some of these awful symptoms.

Thank you all so kindly for your consideration
and may God bless all of you richly.


I will pray Jaypeeto!

Have you called your doctor or get the nurse or pharmacist on the phone to describe these symptoms so they can help you out so you dont end up in serious trouble? Please call if you have not already.


Jaypeeto, you are in my prayer.
God bless you!



Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee, Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.


I am offering prayers for you tonight. :gopray2:


Thank you all so much for praying for me !! God bless you !!

And hellisreal, thanks for the suggestion, amigo,
believe me, if the symptoms become frightening, I will rush to the nearest emergency room. Unfortunately, I have a history of emotional disorders and I know all too well the rules about heading to the emergency room. Thanks, though, hellisreal, I really appreciate it !!

The symptoms aren’t frightening to me, they are just extremely, extremely stressful and agitating. I’m feeling better at the moment because my 8:30 dose of my medicines is starting to kick in and relieve the symptoms, but please keep me in your prayers. You are all such wondeful and kind people.


I pray for you my brother in christ, that you may have the courage, and the strength and whatever else is necessary to overcome these hardships. I ask this throug Chris our Lord, Amen.



You are in my prayers my brother in Christ. You will find your strength in Jesus. You are on the cross with your savior. You are in pain, but you are not alone.


To all who are offering their prayers for me,
I must say that better friends a person could not have than all of you. You are most kind indeed. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you in abundance. Your prayers are helping. Thank you !!


I will add you to my moprning prayers



You are in my prayers.




Offering your intentions up at Adoration


May this day bring you a closeness with your King, Savior and Friend. May you feel His arms around you and hear His voice of peace. May the you look into His eyes and see Love. May this time of change bring about the desires of His heart for you and may you see His Graces, long looked for, are now found.


I will pray for you, Jaypeeto4. May Heavenly Father watch over you as you go through your adjustment and may Our Lord Jesus Christ be at your side with comfort.

Hold on to your rosary or cross with prayer.
Repeat this, “Jesus, I love you. Have mercy on me, a sinner.” until you are calm and at ease. :gopray2:

With prayer,



Jaypeeto you’re in my prayers. :gopray:


We are here for you jaypeeto4

Agree with anngal: Repeat and repeat again

Be still and know that I am God

Keep you rosary in your hand to help calm you as we continue our prayers for your healing heart, mind, and body. Amen.


Jaypeeto - offering my crosses for your needs and remembering you during my holy hours with Jesus :crossrc: …praying for you.

Jesus, I trust in you ! :heart:


You are in my prayers.


Thank you everyone, you are so kind.
God bless you all,


Oh, do I understand…I have so many meds that I have to take for various conditions, & it is so, so hard when something is being changed!!
You have my prayers!!

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