Could lust turn to love?

I’ve heard that God can change something evil into causing an effect that can overall be good. I also know that thinking about someone lusfully and full of desire is evil as Jesus Christ said. I wonder if true love for someone could come from these feelings later on, as If you desire the person but end up having affectionate feelings after a week or so, or if they are doomed from the start.

Basically could lustful infatuation turn into a genuine desire for marriage and long life together, or is it a ruse by the devil

Keep in mind “desire” is not synonymous with “lust.” It’s fine to desire someone. Attraction between men and women is just the natural order of things.

It becomes lust when you reduce the other person to just their physical attributes and they become less of a person to be loved and respected and more of an object to be used. It’s easy to imagine love growing out of desire; lust not so much.


Yup. If love blooms from a relationship that was initially fueled by lust, it’s in spite of lust, not because of it.


I mean could infatuation that has its roots in sinful thoughts eventually turn into desire for marriage and a happy life, a real vocation

Do you mean by this sexual attraction? If so, then sure. I think it is perfectly human to feel sexual attraction…you “desire” them. Many married Catholic folks began their relationship initially when the other person “caught their eye” and they decided to pursue them. Now, what you do with that sexual attraction is an entirely different manner. Sadly, our secular culture sees sex as an end in unto itself. But being sexually attracted to someone in and of itself is not sinful…it’s what you do with that desire.

We are also biological creatures. We are created that way to become attracted/ attractive to the opposite sex so our species will go forth and multiply.
If we are single and free to marry and attracted to another, we are taught no sex pre marriage,. it is a time to get to know our potential partner and seek the will of God in any upcoming Matrimonial Sacrament.

I am speaking as a woman here. A man may have another perspective.

Yes. Dinah, also spelled Dina, in the Old Testament, daughter of Jacob by Leah; was abducted and raped near the city of Shechem, by Shechem, son of Hamor the Hivite (the Hivites were a Canaanitish people). Then Shechem wished to marry Dinah and asked Jacob for her hand in marriage.

Well attraction can be a start but if you allow your hormones to guide your life, I am afraid you will suffer some disappointments.
Love is, as many of the Catholic apologists define: Willing the good of the other. If one applies that concept to the fullest then one can use it as a true foundation for an everlasting relationship.


True love blooms in all sorts of places and sometimes does come from relationships or attractions that started out as sinful.

Having said that, one shouldn’t go around engaging in relationships or attractions that are sinful just because it’s possible they might turn into true love.

Also, as others have said, sexual desire is not a bad thing. It is a natural incentive to marry and procreate. It only becomes bad when it tempts people to sin or to become inordinately focused on satisfying their sexual needs.

Love, lust, and infatuation are different things. They could all exist at the same time or independently.

You can argue for a long time about how to separate love from lust.
I think that female beauty from top hair on head to feet heel attracts men with lust.
A man is always attracted by this lust, through this lust children appear.
The woman is called the fair sex, because she is desirable, and as a result of desire, children are born.
And where there are children, life and the future are seething

Lust is powerful because at its heart is something good and healthy. Lust corrupts the natural attraction of man an women, putting physical satisfaction before love.

The natural attraction, however, is not lust. That can and should lead to love and affection when pursued with moderation.

If thoughts and intentions that are not noble are corrected and put back into order with the will of God, then they become good.


There is an opinion of creative people(some painters) that a woman is not really a human being.
In a woman there is magic and properties that hypnotize, intoxicate, enslave.
You can say what you want, but many of us choose not with wisdom, but with our eyes.
Sometimes it is not even her appearance that seduces but her mindset, and more sapio-sexual men gets entrapped.
Women are not angels, and we are not angels there are no ideal women, so I think that is absolutely true- if you are led by the eyes, then you must understand that most of us choose by the eyes.
And if you feel that you were wrong by choosing by eyes, then know that many people feel that way.
If you are already married to her, then mobilize everything positive in yourself and create, build, transform, and do not cancel or destroy.
Because true love is work, daily work.

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