Could Matthew 3:11 be used as evidence of Purgatory

When John the Baptist said that Jesus would baptise with fire, could this have meant the cleansing fire of purgatory that would be “like a second baptism” before we enter heaven ?

No, this is more of a reference to the fire of the Holy Spirit, which we see manifested on Pentecost.


A footnote in the Jerusalem bible states: “Matthew is probably thinking not only of the act of baptism but of the new ‘righteousness’ which, through Christ, is going to fulfill and perfect that of the old Law.”

Could be… FIRe is cognate with PURe and PURification.

1 Peter 3 and 1 Peter 4 contain excellent arguments FOR Purgatory.

Realize - Before we can be allowed into Heaven - we must be PURe / PURified.


Is there anything in the Bible that, with enough imagination, could not be used as evidence of purgatory? The flight into Egypt, the 40 days in the desert, the preaching to the spirits before the resurrection, the dead roaming the streets afterwards, Jesus’ comment to the good thief?

The Bible never ever has to be specifically clear…

Bible is not even in the Bible which didn’t come into existence until c.400 A.D.

Once you accept the truism that nothing impure can enter Heaven,
along with the fact that at death - many are generally imperfect/impure…
than you’ll have no problem with some pre-purication.

Jesus preached the Gospel to those who were dead in the body
so that in the spirit - they might get to Heaven


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