Could non-citizens decide the November election?


New research indicates enough illegals vote to sway the outcome in close races.

Could non-citizens decide the November election?
… 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010.

… Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) won election in 2008 with a victory margin of 312 votes. Votes cast by just 0.65 percent of Minnesota non-citizens could account for this margin.


Only possible way they could is because of the 50% + eligible voters who can’t be bothered.


Not likely.

In fact, one could make the argument that regular citizen Janes and Joes who want their government goodies or voted on blinding anger over the Iraq War (2008) made the difference in 2008 and 2012, not illegals.

While voter fraud is a big problem and probably has been since at least Kennedy/Nixon, let me assure you it is dwarfed by the American entitlement mentality.

In terms of the Franken race, no one’s really paying attention to it this time. Sure, Camp Franken might not be happy with the money sink into neighboring South Dakota and there is some unease. Though the Franken candidacy would normally be a liability, his Hollywood and NYC connections bring him lots of campaign money. That’s also probably kept Democrat leaders from asking him to step down.

While it would undoubtedly be better for Mike McFadden to win, there’s fatter prizes elsewhere.

However, neither the RNC nor the DNC is very much in tune with America. The RNC was surprised to have a race on their hands in Kansas and a tougher sell in SD----they’ve seen this before and should have seen it coming.

As for the Democrats----are they really going to tell me they never expected Iowa, Michigan, Colorado or New Hampshire to be competitive when everyone and their dog called them purple state for at least what—10 years maybe and in the middle of midterm with a president whose policies are unpopular?


No. There might even be a greater chance of elections being decided by making it more difficult for people to exercise their right to vote.



Just like it’s difficult to to bring ID to an internal union election or out to your vehicle before it starts.

BTW, does anyone leave their own residence without ID anymore?


We won’t know because it will be declared to be racist and bigoted to even check if non-eligible people are voting anymore. So it won’t even be possible to KNOW if such fraud is occurring!


Not all voters have vehicles or drive. Some use public transportation like buses. In NYC the subway system. And in TX it could depend on if you leave your residence with a college ID or a gun permit.


Note the media:

Eight years ago, there was also a midterm election, President Bush and current President Obama both had similar job approval ratings at this point – bad. * Eight years ago, the nightly network newscasts went full out to cover the campaigns, which Democrats were favored to win. And they did win, taking both the House and the Senate. But this time around, the graph is far different. ** At this point in time, ABC News did 36 election reports eight years ago. So far this year, zero, nothing. CBS, 58 in year 2006. 14 this year. NBC, 65 eight years ago. 11 this year. Simply stunning. *** -

See more at:

No wonder the alphabet networks are questioned.


If you’re referring to voter ID, it has been shown that minority voting increases when voter ID laws are passed. Almost as if folks see more value in their vote if they’re assured of the legitimacy of the process…


I don’t see potential for fraud being limited to minority voters. But when people get the impression there is a campaign to limit their rights, they tend to respond.


Forgotten is the other half of election fraud–the weaponized IRS putting the kibosh on the “Tea Party” whose only drive is to FOLLOW THE MONEY! Commie Banksters as warned about by Catholic convert and former Communist Party USA/CPUSA attorney Bella Dodd in the thirties set the agenda of control freakism. Can’t have people knowing which international banksters are profiting from the taxpayer underwriting their gambling addiction. God bless America.


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