Could only certain people who died before Jesus still be saved?

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Growing up I sort of reconciled God commanding genocide in the OT with Jesus’ non-violence in the NT by the concept of Heaven’s gates not being opened yet - as in, the ending of a life before Jesus’ coming was not as grave a matter because they would not have to face judgment upon death.

But I was reading the article of the meaning of “descended to the hell” in the creed and that states that Jesus only went to let the just, who were waiting (i.e. ‘in Abraham’s bosom,’ according to the parable) into Heaven, and that He didn’t preach; so my personal understanding was probably incorrect.

Now I’m a bit confused:** what, then, was the fate of ordinary (i.e. not evil or heroic) non-Jewish people who died before Jesus’ time? ** They wouldn’t have had revelation to have awareness of God, but they wouldn’t have been “just” either (or with Abraham). Did these people somehow get a chance to listen to Jesus’ gospel after death?

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