Could President Trump Issue an Executive Order Recognizing Unborn Babies as

This sounds like a great idea to me.
I have sent the following letter to the White House;
Dear President Trump,

I understand a proposal has been made urging you to create an executive order recognizing the humanity of preborn children, to ensure that the constitutional guarantees of due process and equal protection are extended to preborn persons under the 14th Amendment. Such an order would reverse the flawed decision made in Roe v Wade, which stated that it is unknown when life begins.

Since now we are well aware that human life begins at conception, it is unconscionable that we allow this precedent to stand, and to allow the continued execution of thousands of preborn American citizens. And we know that a disproportionate percentage of those killed are people of color, pursuant to the racist eugenic policies of organizations that provide abortions.

While such an order might be overturned in the future, it would set a precedent that would be hard to overcome without betraying the racist and anti-life stance of whoever did so.

I urge you to seriously consider creating such an Executive Order. It might prove to be the defining moment of your presidency.

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