Could smith have been a true prophet from god?

The main biblical rule for ascertaining a true prophet from a false one is that the prophet’s teaching must agree with known revelation, that is, with what was already handed down by God as absolutely essential for belief. (Deuteronomy 13: 1-5 II Timothy 4: 3-5)

Everything Joseph Smith taught agrees with the Bible. But when Peter announced that the gospel was going to be preached to the Gentiles and they were not going to be circumsized but were going to be baptized, that was an example of revelation that was “new revelation” for that particular point in world history.

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No, what Smith taught does not agree with the Bible.

amen ON THAT, What Bible was Smith reading not a Christian Bible

It was not the Catholic Bible. It was the King James Bible. Later he studied some Hebrew and read some in the Hebrew Pentatauch.

… and he subsequently “re-translated” it in order to correct that which had been corrupted thus restoring many of the “plain and precious truths” lost by the “Great Apostasy”.

Ultimately this question will boil down to personal vantage point. If you believe Joseph Smith Jr. was a prophet of God, then surely his translations in the Book of Moses and JST Matthew (among others) will take precedent over the traditional Christian versions which at face value seem to contradict some of Smith’s teachings. If one doesn’t believe he was a prophet, then one will likely see as much credibility in JST Matthew and Moses as they do in the Book of Mormon.

I personally don’t think this thread has the potential to go very far, but maybe I’m too pessimistic.

Joseph Smith can’t be a prophet, because he preached a different gospel. I honestly could care less what Mormons think of Catholic beliefs and how the Bible is to be interpreted, because, quite frankly, they are not Christians and they are followers of a false prophet.

Moreover, Joseph Smith’s visions of Jesus and God and of the angel Moroni are private revelations, and since private revelation isn’t binding on Christians, there is no reason whatsoever to worry over it. End of story.

How true, how true. Also weren’t we told that many false prophets will arise preaching a different gospel? Joseph Smith is a case in point, along with Russel and the Jehovahs Witnesses, White and Millenial Dawnism, etc. All claim the Catholic Church apostasized and God told them to “pick up the reins” and carry on, The sad part is that so many people believe these false prophets and follow them to the loss of their souls.


Shalom Aleichem

I never knew that he studied Hebrew. If he did how come he got the Hebrew Sh’ma wrong?
It starts:
Sh’ma O Yisroel, Adonai Eleyenu, Adonai Echod…

Shalom Chaverim


Shalom Alecheim

The Mormons believe Joseph Smith to be a prophet simply because he said he was. There are many people who would believe such a story when a man says that he was visited by Jesus and angels. Think about a man saying such a thing and you, being a skeptic, did not believe it. Those who did believe would certainly make you feel small and lacking of faith by not believing it. So it goes today. In the Mormon camp, if you don’t have “the burning in the bosom” and believe in the BOM then there is something wrong with YOU. YOU don’t have faith, etc… Forget about intellience, reasoning and evidence, it’s all out the window.

Of course Joseph Smith is not a prophet and the Mormons never had a prophet. The one that they had in 1978 had a “revelation” that blacks could now be allowed in the temple. Now those of us who are truly blessed with the Holy Spirit can see with our open eyes that that “revelation” was just another ruse. They on the other hand will try and explain it away with several different excuses such as “God determined the time was right”.

It is doubtful that the Mormons will ever see the light of truth as long as they believe the false spirit that guides them is the real Holy Spirit.

Just to clarify, the revelation in 1978 was that the priesthood could be opened to all worthy males. Previously, those of African ancestry were denied the priesthood, and therefore could not be endowed or sealed in the temple. Curiously, women do not hold the priesthood, and yet black women also were denied temple ordinances. I guess it’s because women typically become Endowed just prior to being sealed, and since interracial marriages weren’t as common as they are now prior to 1978, and since black men were denied the priesthood, black women obviously could not be sealed to them.

As a Prophet myself ,I have the ULC document verifying my title right near me, and so I will give my two cents here. Who said he was not a prophet, if a man or woman founds a new faith path one can clearly be a prophet and he did found Mormonism.

I myself am not even a Christian revelator I draw on the beauty of science and the insights afforded my with my natural faculties to promote a new faith path so according to that simple definition I am a Prophet.

Be nice or I will call down the Flying Spagetti Monster on you heretics! :stuck_out_tongue:
(just kidding I don’t believe in abusing my formidable powers as a Prophet)

Anyway according to my teaching all of you are in fact 100% correct - in some parallel Earth or area of the Multiverse.

I thought the ULC denied the FSM(pbhn).

Re Smith, one could say he is a Mormon prophet but not a Christian prophet.??

no new public revelation after apostolic times.

Jesus was the one who told the apostles to teach all nations and baptize them, not Peter.

Peter’s pronouncement is in the bible! (The old and new testaments are part of the bible)

In any case, Peter’s decision was an example of him using his apostolic office to determine church discipline; he didn’t propose new doctrine.


Deceased Living Prophet Joseph Smith was not a true prophet from God.

He also said that the moon was inhabited.

As we know, it’s not, unless you want to consider brief visits from American men “inhabited.”

The commonality between “prophets” like Muhammed, Smith, etc. . . . is that they allow themselves plenty more than the one wife Jesus says we can have.

I can imagine a television commercial for that, going something like this:

Announcer: Hey kids! Do you want to be prophets?
Boy and Girl: Yeah!
Girl: What’s a prophet?
Announcer: A prophet is someone who prophesizes. Prophetically. And he can make all sorts of horrible stuff happen!
Boy: Can a prophet turn his best friend into newt?
Announcer: No, but he can call down fire from Heaven and make it rain giant frogs!
Boy and Girl: Cool!
Girl: But wait! How do you become a prophet?
Announcer: It’s easy as one, two, three! You just go to ULC dot com and click on Prophesize Me - and presto, you have a crisp certificate of prophethood!
(Kids go on computer and print out the certificate)
Boy and Girl: This is so awesome!
Girl: I totally know the future!
Boy: I’m going to turn my best friend into a newt!
Announcer: Prophethood: Just a click away!

I dissagree. I don’t think that multiple male “gods” that grow from human status to divine status agrees with the bible.

I don’t think that Jesus and Satan being brothers agrees with the bible.

Neither does “Mrs God” of should that really be the many “Mrs. gods”.

I don’t think that “modern day revelation” agrees with the bible.

Nor does Jesus made atonement inn the Garden.

I could go on for weeks, but I won’t waste my keystrokes.

A god that waited 1800 years to complete his revelation certainly is a lazy god - not one that I want to worship.

Smith is indeed a prophet, but of the false variety.

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The statement that Joseph Smith is a prophet is as true as the statement that God exist.

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