Could some dreams with Jesus in it actually be from the devil?

Is it possible to have a nightmare with Jesus in it? Do you think its possible the devil put it there?
A nightmare I had probably when I was six or seven still haunts me at 25 years of age…
I dreamt that this kid I knew was in jail and she shouldnt be. Jesus appeared and asked me if I had one wish what would it be? I guess I felt extremely tired and said I wish I could sleep forever… -_- Later… I guess after the dream I realized I should have asked to get that girl out of jail. What a lazy kid I must have been if sleeping forever was my true dream…
Anyways I till this day beat myself up if I relax/rest too much. Even feel guilty watching Tv by myself… if Im not doing something necessary, productive or helpful to others I feel guilty.
I almost feel like I cursed myself as a kid in that dream to always br a lazy tired person…
I never had another dream with Jesus. This bothers me… Do you think it really was Jesus or just a normal dream or could it even be from the devil. I remember specifically Jesus wanted to grant me “one wish”. That doesnt sound like something Jesus would say…
Since it still bothers me a lot Im serioisly wondering if it was the devils plan, something I would always beat myself up about and question myself with…
Have you ever had a nightmare with Jesus?

It was a dream, not a divine revelation. Don’t worry about it.

“I plead with you! Never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.”
“If He asks much of you, it is because He knows you can give much.”

  • St Pope John Paul II

Talk to a priest about this, there shouldnt be a reason to feel so guilty over one dream that happened that long ago.

Not all dreams that depict our idea of Jesus are from Jesus. Not sure if that dream was from the devil either but I do see that you are troubled by doubts and perhaps an inability to let go of an old memory and interpretation. That could be a by product of anxiety.

And the devil tries to take advantage of our strengths and weaknesses in most anything so use some spiritual as well as medical warfare.

Let good come from such a dream, but don’t go overboard. And do talk with a good priest who might be able to see something more important for you in this story.

I do not think it was from Jesus. Reading the bible will remind you how God speaks to us. He says things like “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” He tells us how to achieve the ultimate goal of everlasting life and righteousness. He tells us what the greatest form of love is. It is my belief that what God wanted you to hear from him, is recorded in the bible and if he were to tell you something directly, there is a very good chance that his message to you specifically would be the same message he gave to all of us through the bible.

Was it from the devil? I doubt it too. The truth is, you were probably very tired. You were sleeping but conscious enough to remember your dream. You were dreaming about Jesus and felt he would be concerned enough about you to ask what you most desired (something he already would know). you were very tired and just wanted to sleep sleep sleep. Now, if you had been awake and especially if you were an adult and the events transpired in reality, you would have asked the Lord to free your friend, if that was your greatest wish.

Conscientious people who have an insecurity about their own worthiness can be prone to look for a reason to believe that, down deep, they are an awful person. In your case, you must be so terrible you would leave your friends in jail so you could have a good long nap. So, you must be worried that you are a bad character. What you don’t have is the Lord’s judgment about you. The reason is because you have not received it. But maybe you anticipate what it might be. I think the whole thing about not being able to rest well or enjoy some leisure time is fear of God and maybe fear of being a bad person. If you wish to be benevolent then look back upon the child who had the dream and forgive him. For it is important to give children room for error, if there was even an error, because like I said, you were probably just tired.

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