Could some of the current World News Topics be combined?


There are 10 threads about Kavanaugh that have been active within the last 12 hours. I understand it’s an incredibly emotive issue with high tensions on all sides, but do we need so many of them? I think it would be better if there was just one thread discussing the allegations and the hearings.

@camoderator, what do you think?


Thanks. We’ve now closed a number of threads, given timeliness considerations. We’ve kept a few open, given different aspects of the story.


Thank you!


Thank you, moderators, for your initial efforts to reduce the number of threads.

It appears that there are now somehow about a dozen Kavanaugh threads in World News again, and the same handful of people seem to be posting in all of them.

I can see having a few threads, like 3 or 4, but 12 of them?



Need a bit of help

Is there a way to be notified, to FOLLOW it after posing on a STRING?

Thank you



Are you looking for a way to be emailed about any replies to a thread after you have posted to it?





Go into your profile page. On the left under Account it says notifications. Use that to decide what you want to be notified of. I had so many I shut them off.


Why doesn’t this surprise me?


@PJM, This is correct. Profile > Preferences > Notifications.

The settings you want are When I post in a topic set that topic to. That needs to be watching.


I’m tired of all the Kavanaugh threads too. They seem to be started by the same people and there are so many of them. I hate to have to mute them all. But they’re getting repetitious.


At last count, I think there were 10 that were currently open.

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