Could someone explain to me

…what is an Evangelical Catholic? Our Govenor (Bobby Jindal~yayyyy:)) was recently quoted as saying that he was an Evangelical Catholic. What is that? I had never heard of that term really and thought this was the place to find out what it was! Lol!..Anywho, I am thrilled though that we have a Catholic govenor that maybe run for president one day!! Yay!:smiley:

A distinction with a difference from Kennedy, Biden, and Pelosi Catholics (or the majority of Catholic Democrats in Congress) I hope. :smiley:

But what makes an Evangelical Catholic different from “regular” Catholic? I think I should know this being I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic Elem and High school, but I dont!! I must have been absent that day they covered it! LOL!

Evangelical is another word for disciple or a person who is sent to teach the Gospel of Christ.

Catholics, like all other Christians, are to receive the call from Christ and send themselves into the world to make a Christian difference. To preach Truth with love.

To be “sheep in the midst of wolves” to be “shrewd as serpents and simple as doves”.

An Evangelical is a social conservative that likes Jesus a lot and votes republican.

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