Could such bread become a valid Eucharist?

Recently my daughter received her first communion, although the bread was baked by the kids using other ingredients than wheat flour and water. Ingredients included vanilla, honey, shortening, salt, etc. I brought this up to my priest, he indicated God was all powerful and could definitely change this bread just as the normal hosts. I realize that God is all powerful although we were given certain guidelines to follow. What is the Catholic Answer? My concerns are not being taken into consideration as though this is not a big deal; should it be dropped?

Dear friend,

Your concern is entirely appropriate. The CDW, Congregation for Divine Worship, states in ‘Inaestimabile Donum’ that “…No other ingredients are to be added to the wheaten flour and water.” If the added ingredients predominate in the dough or batter, then the bread cannot to be validly consecrated.

The above information can be found in Jimmie Akin’s book, “Mass Confusion” on p.60, available through of by phone 888 291 8000.

I suggest that you not drop this matter. It is just too important.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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