Could Suicide Bombers be the Saints of the 21st Century?

Could Suicide Bombers be the Saints of the 21st Century?

[LEFT]They are willing to die for what they believe in. That is a requirement for sainthood.

They are doing what they do so others will benefit. That’s another requirement for sainthood.

They believe that God has chosen them for that mission. That’s another requirement for sainthood.

Who would kill themselves for a purpose beyond themselves other than someone who might be called a saint?

Osama Bin Laden IS a terrorist because HE is not willing to die. But he does order other people to their deaths. What if his followers said, “Why don’t you go first!” It seems like the guy in charge is never willing to sacrifice what he demands of others. But then he is the one who gets the publicity and the saint gets the death sentence. Just like in real life.[/LEFT]

Suicide Bombers are the children of Satan doing the work of Satan. They are the Satanist of the 21century.

You forgot one little thing:

They die committing murder. Automatic disqualification.

One can’t be a Saint if they disobey God’s laws and commandments (murder), even if they think they are doing God’s will.
Just a thought


The Islamist “martyrs” do their missions because they are chosen by higher leaders in a hierarchy that does not respect the human person. This phenomenon you also don’t see in western democracies where people grow up with a feeling of personality, rights and individuality. Totalitarian systems teach the individual to sacrifice himself for the common good. The masses are dealt with with carelessness… they become submitted slaves.
The healthy system will rather say: we must under no circumstance send people into death for any goal, because the goal does not justify evil means.

Two sins in suicide mission:

  • Suicide (you don’t have right to take life… not your own and not that of others… its the greatest no to God when you take life).
  • killing random innocents. Saying that this is good is sick in the head under any circumstance.

The word “martyr” should always be used with caution by Christians when it involves people who commit murder of themselves and others for religious or political reasons.

The Christian martyr is, per definition, someone who dies, not because he wishes death and wants to escape this life, but who submits to being killed when there is no other way and who faces death maintaining his Christian witness till the end for the sake of salvation of the perpetrators who kill him.

Peace to you.

Well said, Grace. :thumbsup:

This is exactly what their defense attorney would argue - if they lived. There is a slight problem with them killing/murdering in violation of the 5th commandment. Additionally, scripture quotes God as saying “Vengeance is mine”. Three issues here: One: they kill the innocent. Two: they make themselves God by judging others guilty of a capital crime, and then they exact punishment by their own will. Three: In killing themselves, they usurp the authority of God, the Author and giver of life and Who is the only one that can take it back.

There are other problems as well, but suffice it to say that what they do is objective evil on several levels.

Saints? Are you proposing that the Japenese suicide-pilots of WWII be declared saints?

“MumboJumbo” - that’s an appropriate name for you.


Thank you for those beautiful words! :smiley:

St. Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us! He is a great example of what the loving selfless sacrifice of martyrdom is! He and all of the other Blessed Martyrs truly reflect what Jesus taught to us!!

It is sad to even mention these poor, misguided souls who resort to “suicide bombings in the name of Allah”, in the same sentence as the True Martyrs.

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Good luck with that, let us know how it makes out. :wink:

Well…the Muslims kill for God, whereas the Japanese killed for the State.

“MumboJumbo” - that’s an appropriate name for you.

Maybe we could cool it a little?

The Japanese killed for the emperor whom they held to be God.
Check your history before correcting someone, maybe?

I think that in the big sceme of things these japanese pilots were less guilty, precisely because they acted on behalf of a state, istead of in the name of a god… because if you act like this in the name of the God who created you then you spit in his face in every way… and that is worse than acting foolishly as a result of politics in wartimes.

Killing innocent people in the name of god is the worst misunderstanding of who He really is. It creates scandal and horror not only against false revelations and false prophets like Muhammad, but also against all religion per se.

As for the Muslim world… they dont have the example of Christ. They do not even believe in the crucifixion and therefore not in the selfgiving love. According to the Qu’ran the man who died on the cross was a substitute for Jesus… because a true prophet could not suffer such humiliation, believed Muhammad falsely.

In the movie “Karol- a man who became pope”, an SS officer says to a priest: “The world must be ruled by honour!” , and the priest answers: “No, the world must be ruled by LOVE”…

He is Risen. Shalom!

One more time …

It was only when Japan surrendered to the Allies at the end of WWII that the emperor, Hirohito, denied his dvivnity. It was a part of the American terms for surrender. Hello?

What about Samson?

"The judgment of history depends on who writes it."
Richard M. Nixon

Charity Brother, Charity

The judgment of God depends on God.

Mostly true, but irrelevant. God determines who are saints, not history.

good grief, calm down.

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