Could the church help me?

I’ll possibly delete this.

I don’t have my own income.
I’m 28 and dropped out of middle school in the 7th grade.

I’m working to one day get a GED. Meanwhile if I ask a local parish for help in finding a job (through perhaps one of the members of the church or something…) would that be okay?

I’d like to learn to drive too. I got a driver’s permit. Maybe a church member could help?

I’d like to improve my life.

Any advice?

Hi Ginger!

If you live here in the States, you could apply to your local Department or Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for assistance. If they can’t help you, I’m sure that they could refer you to the appropriate agency.

Wishing you well!


@stuartbrianhenlis’ suggestion to visit your Vocational Rehabilitation office if you’re in the States is a great idea! They have direct contact with employers, have training programs, and may be able to fast-track you in your GED efforts. Be sure to do that.

A priest is a font of information for the community, also. Talk to your priest. Let him know about your goals, and, perhaps, he’ll know of people who can help you with either the GED or employment, and maybe both. It’s also true that at this particular time he may not have a suggestion for either problem, but it certainly won’t hurt to ask.

You might want to visit the thread, Let’s Pray a Perpetual Rosary on the Spirituality Forum. I’ll add your name to my personal prayers. Best wishes to you in finding answers.


Praying for you.

How have you been supporting yourself until now? Do you live with family? Do you have Catholic Charities where you live? Catholic Charities is likely a very good resource to help connect you with appropriate assistance and programs.

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