Could the Secret Service Have Saved J.F.K.?


Vanity Fair:

Could the Secret Service Have Saved J.F.K.?

They are the most examined few seconds in American history. At 12:30 P.M. on November 22, 1963, bullets fired into the open roof of the presidential limousine tore through John F. Kennedy’s body. The first shot to hit the president went through his neck, but did not kill him. Within five seconds another shot damaged his brain and skull. During the critical time between the first shot and the fatal blow—about five seconds in which the president’s life might have been saved—the Secret Service agents within a few feet of the man they were duty-bound to protect—failed to take evasive action.

Roy Kellerman, the leader of the security detail, did not seem to know what was happening. He thought a firecracker had gone off. William Greer, at the wheel of the president’s car, did not immediately speed up or swerve away from the shots. Paul Landis, in the vehicle trailing Kennedy’s, did not jump forward to protect the president with his body; neither did Jack Ready. Clint Hill, riding a few feet behind and to the president’s left, was part of the First Lady’s detail. After the fatal shot was fired, he leapt onto the rear of the presidential limousine and kept her from jumping off the back.

   The White House Secret Service is famous for its split-second  reflexes and for being trained to take a bullet for the commander in  chief. Why didn’t that happen on November 22? Extensive studies by five  separate government committees, legions of amateur sleuths, as well as  hundreds of books have added to the confusion.

Admittedly old news but interesting in light of the Secret Service’s recent scandal’s. I’m old enough to remember the JFK assassination and it’s depressing to think he died because his detail was out partying the night beforeas the article suggests.


I think it was due to the JFK assassination that the secret service got even tighter and more skilled.


One thing is for certain, JFK and possibly some other presidents before him, got too familiar with crowds.

1st picture, in Nashville, it is not too difficult to see he is very wide-open, in fact, all of the dignitaries in that vehicle were very much exposed. The Sr. Gore I understand, Al’s father is in that picture.

2nd picture, in West Germany. It’s clear to see that if one had a gun or even knife, grenade, etc., one could pose a threat.

What they needed to do in Dallas was secure all of the open windows, I saw another president and all of the surrounding office-building type windows were all monitored closely, maybe they didn’t even allow people in their office at the time.

Now, I’ve seen pictures of JFK visiting Southern California, the entire car was flanked with Secret Service and the car crawled at a pace while maybe 4 Secret Service men were on each side of the car walking it. That is the way protection should have been done imho.

JFK visited Tampa I believe the week before in a motorcade. We don’t even have motorcades very often anymore.


Recently on a cable channel, I saw part of a JFK assassination documentary. It involved the possibility of a Secret Service agent firing a shot at the President. That agent was riding in the back seat of a car behind the President’s car. From what I recall, the agent stood up holding a rifle aimed toward the President’s car. He mistakenly fired a shot. I think he stood up immediately after hearing a shot or shots being fired. And that the Secret Service covered up the incident of one of their own shooting the President. I don’t recall the cable channel. It was about a week ago.


Some speculate that J.F.K was assassinated because he was ready to sign a document abolishing the federal reserve. Is there a basis for this theory?


Something to do with issuing silver certificates I believe.


A similar popular theory is that he was about to wind down our involvement in Viet Nam. I don’t think there’s evidence for either. After reading numerous books, I think the best theory is organized crime, with a dash of CIA. There were several groups motivated to get Bobby out as Attorney General, and with a presidential assassination the assumption was they would get a twofer. I’ve always been struck by the absence of any “deathbed confession” by anyone; I don’t think the average white-collar criminal would maintain such silence, whereas organized crime is, or was, famous for omertà.


There are so many JFK conspiracy theories. Take your pick.
Jackie and JFK should both have got down on the floor or laid in the seat after he was shot the first time. They were both in shock of course. Maybe he would have survived the first shot.

The Smoking Gun is the documentary about the possibility of the secret service man accidentally firing his weapon that fired the fatal shot.


JFK rejected professional security advice against riding in an open car. Eisenhower never rode in an open car and neither have Presidents since. JFK was a reckless man in his personal life, if not politically.


He was definitely reckkess in his personal life.


This had me thinking, that fellow jumped the white house fence in the past month, if he had been an actually dangerous sinister and better armed individual, it could have turned out much worse than merely apprehending the suspect without any trouble caused. And here, it is 51 years after JFK was gunned down.

They need to enforce an honorable code of conduct for these agents. Perhaps most of them are upstanding individuals, most of them probably are.


Yep, spot on. That’s what I think too. But I do find it odd that nothing has come out - you make a good point re the mafia. But I mean didn’t they even find Jimmy Hoffa in some building (is that just a joke - they never found him)? But in spite of the fact that no one has talked, death bed or otherwise, I personally find the lone wolf Oswald thing impossible to accept; I don’t care what anybody says or proves. Oswald and Ruby both had such traceable ties to the mob and (I think both also) to the CIA.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Spot on.

It’s sad, a Communist wannabe took advantage of the situation and gunned down the President, he had the motive, means and opportunity. It was Oswald alone who did it.


Personally I like the LBJ theory the best who hated those “damn kennedys” ( hope it is okay to use his words ).

I always thought it was so cruel to ask a wife who had just witnessed a good portion of her husband’s head blown off to stand next to him while he is sworn in as the new president when her husband’s body is in a casket in the back of the plane barely cold.

I still don’t see why it was so urgent. I know they talk about continuity of power. And then the recording of Ladybird calling Rose Kennedy on board Air Force One. Those 2 were something else. They didn’t even give people a chance for what happened to sink in.
They just wanted to rub it in.


My dad used to say LBJ was in on it. Nixon and Connally too I think - lot of people. But then dad went through a pretty far left paranoia period, so take all this with a grain of salt, for sure. He did retreat quite a bit in time. Just saying. He believed Kennedy wanted out of Vietnam whereas LBJ was ok with serving the “military industrial complex” or whatever it was called.


Connolly got shot up himself, so no way do I think John Connolly was in on it.

People argue JFK got us into Viet Nam more deeply.

A good website critiquing the revisionist history of Oliver Stone’s JFK:

Kennedy wasn’t perfect but he certainly didn’t deserve to be shot down and seemed like, overall, a good president.

I’m a JFK assassination buff, there is a very good forum on the assassination on the web, there’s tons of websites that deal with the JFK assassination and probably over 500 books written on the event, probably over a thousand.


Yes, I went through a period of Kennedy assassination obsession (my dad was completely sick of it by then and was very glad when I was over it). But I came out of it with my mob/CIA theory which I stick to. I have tried and tried and tried to believe Oswald did it alone - just can’t. Don’t buy it. But I have accepted I could be wrong.


I was 11 years old when the assasination of JFK happened, I was 13 when Malcolm X was killed (on my 13th birthday in fact) and 16 years old when Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy were shot.
The JFK assasination interests me the most. I have read many books also about it.


Yes, I don’t mean to be flippant about it. It was definitely a tragedy - all of them - JFK, Bobby, Martin Luther King, even Malcolm X. I am not sure America every really recovered from that period.


There should be a paper trail, some sort of trail if someone was helping Oswald. There really is little other to suggest he was nothing but unfortunately, a bitter young man.

I think he got in trouble in the Marines, he in all likelihood, tried to shoot known right-wing leader, former General Edwin Walker months before.

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