Could the Stations of the Cross be scheduled outside of Lent ?

In my opinion the Stations of the Cross should be regularly scheduled the year around. This is a profound service which would be a strong reminder to all the Faithful about the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. Being reminded of this profound event would help everyone to constantly focus on keeping Christ in their hearts which is being emphasized strongly in our broken world of today.

Yes, Stations of the Cross could be scheduled at any time of the year. However, a priest’s time is very busy (especially in this day and age). There are only so many hours in a day and so much energy a priest has. If only less than a handful of parishioners are going to attend it might not be the best use of the priest’s time and energy. If, however, there is a decent number of parishioners who request and would attend then I’m sure the parish priest would be happy to accommodate.

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