Could there ever be nothing?


I’ve pondered, albeit not much, the question that if there were not God, the uncaused cause, then there could only be nothing, and nothing would exist, but nothing is something, so could nothing ever be?

It makes my head hurt.


The current scientific theory is not that eventually there will be nothing, but that everything will come to a standstill… the universe will stop expanding the stars and planets will become dust and then the dust will stop moving… becomes of no motion, from one moment to the next it is the same stillness so there is no time (time is defined as change)… time is the last to die… so that is the scientific view of the future… to me it takes a lot of faith to believe that is the future of our existence! Better to choose God!


The is really no difference between infinite being and infinite non-being. Think about it and you’ll see what I mean.


True, better to choose God. But if God had never been, is, or will be, then no existence would be, and such no time, and we could have not conceived of nothing because we never were. We would have to exist to define nothing and thus would have logically made false nothing, since it were claimed as such.




  • something, noun – 1a : some indeterminate or unspecified thing
  • nothing, noun – 1a : something that does not exist


Careful… Kafka and others supposedly went insane with such speculations… better to deal with the present reality than worry about ‘what if’ scenarios that don’t profit the soul


What a silly thing to say. We have an intellect designed to ponder such things.


True, (“nothing” being a noun, is something that does not exist,) but in its own definition, it is contradictory. Something cannot be nothing, and thus is impossible. If it is defined as not existing, then we must describe it as being nothing. We have a concept of nothing, but only in the sense that it is something that isn’t, which must be something and thus has then violated its self definition.


I assert that its better 2 STAY OUT of the pool’s DEEP END !
NO life-guard on duty there
U’ll gain nothing


You have to understand the meaning not the etymology which does not reflect the meaning.

Now, nothingness means nonexistence.


“Nothing exists” sounds like a crazy paradoxical statement to me.


I worried spend time worrying about this. There is a God, there is also a hell, just live your life as best as you can!


You only make progress by confronting your demons.

The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? - Psalm 27:1


Ever visit the DMV? That’s a taste of what it’s like.


even this is contradictory. being nothing. to be or not to be…


Can a negation exist? Can something that negates possibility be possible.

Nothing is not something, but rather it is a negation of some possible thing that does not necessarily exist, and there in lies the contradiction of there being absolutely nothing, because you automatically give nothing the quality of something existing when you make it an absolute.

This leads to absurdity because if there was absolutely nothing it would be true, but absolutely nothing by definition is the absence of all possible truth and truth itself. This is a contradiction. Thus the very notion of “absolutely nothing” becomes a meaningless concept in so far as truth is concerned. Nothing without reference to something actually existing is meaningless because it is a relational concept by definition. In other words, something can only be not true about something that actually exists or not true in relation to existence. In nothing there is no such thing as true or not true because there is nothing to be true or not true about. 2 + 2 does not equal 4 in absolutely nothing because there is no such thing as truth in nothing and therefore its absurd to think that such a state of affairs could truly exist.

So no, i don’t think there can be absolutely nothing without giving the very concept of nothing qualities that belong only to existence.

Therefore there is a necessary act of reality which is the embodiment of truth and causes possibility, and nothing is merely a concept signifying the negation of a possible being and is not a possible thing in and of its self because it lacks the qualities that can make it a possibility; and it certainly cannot be the cause of possibility since it negates it entirely.

In other-words nothing by itself, ontologically speaking, cannot be a true state of affairs by definition because it is by definition the very idea of something being not true about a true state of affairs.


I have heard of Atheists - who believe this - and accept it - as fate -
and live out their lives - in a free and easy humbling way - on Earth.
Imagine, if other planets out there - have what Earth has !
It’s really wonderful here - though it is a brief life.

I do know “ All is Vanity “


‘Nothing’ isn’t something, it’s the lack of something. :wink:

No. It is literally no thing.


Makes for a fun discussion :grinning:


If there could in principle be absolutely nothing, then in principle there would be no such thing as absolute necessary truth.

If there is such a thing as absolute necessary truth, then in principle there cannot be such a thing as absolutely nothing.

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