Could this be a generational curse?


My wife is not a catholic. She has a brother who has some financial hardships and seems to think that it is because of a generational curse. Yesterday her brother calls to tell us that they found a piece of the puzzle. It was 3rd hand information that their father struggled in school and had strings pulled to get him in college. They think this may have something to do with why they can not make ends meet even though he is a Chriopracter. What does the church teach on generational curses as she puts it, or similar feelings that someone or something is doing these things to me?



Sounds like quite a stretch to me! One has to admit that coming up with the notion of a generational curse certainly removes all personal responsibility for one’s difficulties, doesn’t it? But taking responsibility for one’s actions is not only more realistic, it alone provides the possibility of rectifying the problem! Personal responsibility and personal maturity go hand in hand.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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