Could this be considered a sin of omission?

I was outside the grocery store and ran into a man I would sometimes serve and talk with at a soup kitchen in my area. We chatted for a bit and then went our separate ways. As I was on my way out of the parking lot area, I realized that I probably should have asked him if he needed anything. Better yet, I should have offered to go grocery shopping with him. I could have gone back, but I didn’t. Would this be considered a serious sin of omission?

It would have been a very good thing to take the man shopping, but since you did not think of it and reject the idea while you were with him, I don’t see that it could be a sin. For sure, you’ll be more attentive next time, now that you’ve given it some thought. You have a very generous heart; I’m sure you’ll have another opportunity.

Nope I do not think so.

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