Could this be for real?

Could it?


The writing could be authentically very old. Doesn’t mean its accurate.


It is not the least bit controversial that Jesus had a bride. St.Paul said it and many saints throughout the ages have affirmed it. Here is a book on the subject of Jesus’ wife by an Excellent author:
Jesus the Bridegroom by Dr. Brant Petre

Can you guess who his wife is?


How clever you are;), the answer is the “Church”.


No most scholars reject it as a forgery. Google that.
Do yourself a favor and learn what Gnosticism was so you can recognize it now, many aspects of new ageism resemble it.
Gnostics would name their so called gospels with names using Apostles or other people from the real gospels to try to legitimize them. Gnosticism is not Christianity it is heresy that was denounced by the church fathers.


ISTM that all the arguments for its authenticity hinge on its material substance testing old. But any modern forger worth his or her stuff would know to use materials that would meet that test.

I mean… one tiny fragment uncovered in the 21st century, to overturn 100 generations of Church teaching?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for this to be accepted by the Church.



Exactly! If it is found to be as old as they say it is, then that just makes it a ‘really old’ heresy. :shrug:


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