Could this be God's way of doing things?


So, recently I decided on attending a college in New Zealand and quite coincidentally I met who is now my best friend on an online game and he happens to live in New Zealand. You may have seen my other post to pray for my dying friend, and this is him… he just told me that he is dying of some unknown disease. Do you think it is possible that God brought him to me so that I could pray for him and possibly save him? It just crossed my mind… I love him dearly and would hate to lose him because he’s such a great person. Is it just me? Or could this be possible?


It’s hard to speculate about the will of God. I used to do it alot, and I felt let down a lot when what I though God was doing wasn’t what God was actually doing.

There are a million reasons it could be happening. Maybe you are to pray for him, maybe you are to be a companion in these last days. The best thing you can do is pray for your friend, provide love and support, and welcome whatever it is God has in mind, knowing that he has only the best intentions for all parties.

I will pray for you and your friend as well. This is a tough situation indeed.


I also liked to speculate - try to read God’s mind as it were. My priest told me that when I pray, I should interpret less, and listen more, and God will tell you His plans. Accept that God has brought you together. His will, not yours, be done. Pray about it. Appreciate every moment as if it were the last, then you will have no regrets when your last moment together does come.

Prayers for your friend and your friendship.

Sirach 6: (one of my favorites…)
A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure.
A faithful friend is beyond price, no sum can balance his worth.
A faithful friend is a life-saving remedy, such as he who fears God finds;
For he who fears God behaves accordingly, and his friend will be like himself.

God bless.


How awesome. You get a chance to visit a country and then you find a friend in need in that country. And some still question. What a great story. God bless.


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