Could use some help in finding a retreat for Priesthood


This is my diocese

I just contacted them in regards to finding a retreat coming up for those interested in becoming a Priest, my question is if anyone knows of anything , links, or anything near New Orleans, Mississippi, Alabama,Georgia that allow one to visit a seminary, or allow for individual retreats aimed towards the priesthood.

I found an Abbey in Fl that I plan on setting up a personal retreat to, to see how the brothers there live and to see if that might be a calling i could really consider and also for personal reflection/discernment for both the priest and brotherhood.

I do realize some retreats are for teens, I am 33 yrs old, I have served in the army back in 97-2000, so I am looking for something geared for " young adults/adults " .

I am also posting this question here , because i dont see my S.D till the end of June, and I have no idea when the emails i sent will be replied to by the Diocesian website contacts, and people here on this forum seem to be better informed than i am on a good bit of things, and figured maybe someone here might know of a link or website where i could set something up.


I also did a stint in the army and am also discerning the Priesthood at the moment (I’m 24). Have you ever considered the Archdiocese of the military? I don’t know if you still have any desire to work with the military, but you could always look into the Chaplaincy, as a Priest of course. You’d get commissioned as an officer (but obviously your role would be that of a Priest and nothing more). You could deploy with soldiers to the front lines, or be sent the world over where soldiers are stationed to provide for them the Holy Mass, where they might not otherwise have it.

I know that doesn’t answer your question, but being a veteran I was wondering if in your Priestly discernment you ever thought of that and what your opinions are?


no i had no idea that was even an option and i was just talking about this with my dad that exact same thing you just mentioned but had no idea of the specifcs.

I will look into that , ty.


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