Could you be a hitler?


I watched a movie about Hitler’s life. If you were born in Hitler’s exact situation…do you think you’d grow up to be as awfull as he was? I think I could. I’ve been there. I have mental illness, I think Hitler did too. I had the genocidal fantasys many a time. I am also a strong nationalist. Hitler was dumped on by a few jews, I’ve been dumped on by a few other people. The difference between me and Hitler is he didn’t have a supportive family and his country became unstable. I think if I didn’t have a supportive family I’d probably fly over the cuckooo’s nest. Now that I’m completely over my illness (thanks to my supportive family) I think how crazy my thoughts were That scares me. If I were born as a Hitler, I probably would have snapped too.


It could go either way.

On a different note, I read his mother wanted an abortion when she was pregnant with him and a priest talked her out of it. Anyone know if that’s true??


It is said we all potentially have a Hitler in us, but also a Mother Teresa, and depends which one we kill off.


I’m a frustrated watercolorist too :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve read that Hitler may have been a Satanist. And, that he may have been possessed.


i kinda feel bad for hitler because of this. I’m so glad I wasn’t born in his situation. :frowning:


If it were not for God’s Grace, absolutely I could be the same as Hitler!

Interesting question.


I suppose, that, yes, without God’s grace, any one of us could potentially be a Hitler.

On the other hand, many, many people are born with great hardships (even more than Hitler’s) and don’t become genocidal monsters. I believe that we choose the evil that we allow to overcome us – it’s not just something that “happens” to someone based on the circumstances of their birth/upbringing.



Could you be a Hitler? That must mean, to what depths can humanity drop?

I think you give ourselves too much credit - Hitler couldn’t have possibly been the worst of us.



I wonder if Hitler went to heaven? In Les Mis, there is a saying that heaven is reserved for only those who don’t fall in life. I think Hitler is a major failure. Thats why I think he went to heaven - contrarily - My grampa was a WWII vet so yeah thats why I think he went to hell. Not only that, but Schindler’s List makes you angrier than cheese.


I wish I could see the movie you saw. I also wanted to see this 5 part series on the History Channel on how Hitler got all those people to do what he told them to do… but I missed it and never found the series again… I find it fascinating that so many people followed him…


sorry for being dense but do you mean Hitler or your grandpa here?


At some point we are responsible for our own actions. Many people have horrible childhoods and grow up to be compassionate individuals. They might not be succesful in life, but the only people they hurt is thrmeselves. So, I don’t think that Hitler was at the mercy of his upbringing.

My neighbor’s father abused her physically and at two points in her life tried to kill her. Once when she was very young he stood by and allowed her to run into the street when a semi was coming. The truck driver just barely managed to stop in time. My friend said the truck driver jumped out of his vehicle and wanted to know why her father just stood on the side of the road and let his two year old daughter play in the street. YEars later, her father admitted that he hoped she would die! At another point he goaded one of her exboyfriends into making an attack on her life. She got her jaw broken and the exboyfriend went to jail. Luckily her mom left this man when she was still a teenager.

My neighbor is kind and gentle, very concerned with others, despite a physically abusive childhood.


Hitler was very close to his mother, so after his father died he certainly had her for support. That is more then many people have. His sisters are supposed to have adored him.

I read this long ago so I am fuzzy on the details but supposedly it was a Jewish Officer who put him forward for a medal during WWW I and tried to get him one.

His father’s mother was also financially supported for years by a Jewish family whom she worked for as a maid. There is some speculation but no hard truth that Hitler’s father might have been the son of one of the members of this family. If I am not mistake he later had the village that these people lived in destroyed and public records annihilated.

It is hard to say that Hitler was “dumped” on by Jews. Perhaps his hatred was more self loathing because he thought that he might be of Jewish descent.


I thought about aborting my oldest son and my then boyfriend talked me out of it. Luckily, I have grown in wisdom since then and now understand the full horror that abortion is. That doesn’t mean that I don’t deeply love my son or aren’t close to him. Everything that I have read said that he was close to her as an adult.


I ment Hitler, cause my grampa had bad experiances in war and they were horriffic.


There are many Hitlers in the world today already. I guess we could all get there if we wanted to but it’s our choice. Hitler could have chosen to throw all that dissatisfaction and creative energy (writing, speaking and stamina) into something positive but he chose the course of evil. He could have worked for the good of society instead of against it. Instead he ended his life a hated man, a coward, doped up on more drugs then we can count by his phyco doctor, hunted and finally his body was even burned with only a few fragments left in Russia. He’s the supreme example of how the devil repays those who follow him. You’ll be on top for awhile then crash and burn :eek: :cool: Or may not even that.


every human being ever born is capable of doing horrific things to others.

anyway, hitler isn’t the only person to blame for the holocaust. he got a lot of people to willingly go along with him. that in itself is proof that hitler was not some huge exception.


the wonderful about human nature is that we could all also become wonderful, compassionate saints who care more for others then we do ourselves.:slight_smile:


yes, of course, everyone has that capability. I just don’t like when people think that someone like Hitler is an anomaly.

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