Could you be convicted?


Orginally posted as a signature: If you were arrested for being Catholic would there be enough evidence to convict you?

Is there enough evidence(Excluding the Bible, since non-christians have Bibles as well)to convict you of Christianity?


I just want to add:

I voted: As a Catholic-Yes


As a Non-Catholic-No

Because without the Bible, my whole upbringing in a Protestant church would never have been. The Bible is all they believe in.


If the crucifixes, rosaries, and various books didn’t convict me, I’m pretty sure I’d be done for when they opened up my computer and found all the CAF cookies and temp files!:eek:


While I do believe in the Bible, I don’t see your point. When I hear this question, I think “Do your Christian beliefs affect the way you live so much that everyone knows what those beliefs are?” not “Is there Christian ‘stuff’ you believe other than the Bible laying around your house?”


There are pagans on CAF too though. :wink:


Your signature and testimony makes you Catholic already, you are just waiting for the motions…welcome home…I sponsored a Baptist last year…I am trying to sponsor him as a Knight of Columbus as well.


Well, I interpreted this question to be: "Would you still be convicted to be a Christian if you had to rely only on those things that give you faith and strength(Outside of the Bible)?

In my upbringing, the Bible was it. All anyone talked about when it came to Christianity was “The Bible this…” and such. Everyone seemed to put all of their faith and Christianity into the Bible. So much so that I sometimes felt it was being worshipped. That was all I was ever shown to be of any importance in worshipping and being close to God. It wasn’t until I discovered Catholicism that I understood the real beauty and depth of prayer and the closeness it brings you to God.

So, thats why, if I was still a non-Catholic, I don’t think I’d be a Christian.


Thank you:-) I am simply waiting for the motions. To still consider myself Baptist would be far from what I believe now. i just hope to be confirmed soon!

My boyfriend has always wanted to be in the Knights of Columbus, he’s waiting until he’s settled in a place before joining though.


I think it’s very sad that this was your experience in protestant churches. :frowning:

I do see now what you meant, we just both understood the question very differently. I have heard Ministers use questions like “If Christianity were a crime, and you were on trial for it, would there be enough evidence to convict you of the crime?” So, I just thought that’s what was meant.


I answered “As a Catholic - Yes.” Boy, I’d be as guilty as a kid cought with his hand in the cookie jar. :stuck_out_tongue:


“If Christianity were a crime, and you were on trial for it, would there be enough evidence to convict you of the crime?” So, I just thought that’s what was meant.

That is exactly what I meant.


I like that we interpreted it differently. The world would be boring if we all thought alike(and CAF would be dead:P)

IMO, God leads us all down different paths. I don’t see Catholics and Protestants as being all that different. We teach the same important fundamental aspects towards salvation and acceptance of God and I believe they can all get us to someday be in full Communion with Him, and eachother.

Doctrines may be different, but faith, love, and longing for God will always be there. Thats why we are all Christians and we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.


I posted this question because the signature reminded of my own Priest whom has asked this same question on a yearly basis in his homilies.

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